Procure to Pay challenges made simple

Organizations confront challenges in reducing cost, minimizing expenditures, and meeting complex regulatory requirements. They seek ways to automate Procure to Pay (Accounts Payable) process through outsourcing for smooth functioning of financial operations.

Procure to Pay outsourcing helps organizations improve working capital, manage cash flow better, increase organizational agility, comply with regulatory policies, and help them maintain strong vendor relationship.

HTC provides Procure to Pay outsourcing solutions to meet your requirements. It offers services in:

  • Vendor Invoice Management
  • Vendor Helpdesk
  • Employee Travel and Entertainment Expense Process
  • Reporting

Procure to Pay solutions help organizations to improve productivity and have better visibility of buying cycle, make better business decisions, minimize risk and revenue leakage, and improve vendor relationship.

Achieve better credit visibility through HTC’s Order to Cash solutions

In today’s challenging environment, organizations need to minimize expenditure and manage their receivables effectively. With fewer employees having more workload, businesses need creative solutions to make most of their time and resources. One way to achieve this is by outsourcing their Order to Cash services.

Order to Cash outsourcing services helps organizations streamline processes and document management workflows. It ensures that customer orders are handled accurately and delivered on time. Organizations can meet the SLAs effectively and focus on core business initiatives and improve collections performance.

HTC, an experienced and trusted solutions provider offers automated Order to Cash outsourcing services in:

  • Purchase order processing
  • Credit management, invoicing, and billing
  • Dispute and deduction management
  • Aging, and collections
  • Customer query handling – Voice/email
  • Invoicing/ Billing, Credit Management
  • Pre & Post Sales Support

HTC’s Order to Cash solutions help organizations reduce sales outstanding, prevent revenue attenuation, reduce invoice cycle time, have better credit visibility, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Global Trade Compliance

HTC addresses the needs of companies involved in international trade that outsource international trade compliance functions to reputed and dependable partners familiar with global trade compliance.

HTC’s trade compliance services include:

  • Embargo and restricted party checks
  • Export compliance review
  • Shipping Documentation
  • End-User Verification
  • Online Registration Support
  • Import Entry Audit


HTC’s global trade compliance services ensure:

  • Compliance processes are adhered and is in line with the changing laws and regulations
  • Compliance checks are rigorously followed for export transactions starting right from pre-order stage to shipment and installation
  • Export control violations are prevented and criminal sanctions are avoided
  • Statutory and auditory compliance requirements are fulfilled easily and with minimal supervision
  • Risks due to non-compliance are mitigated by documenting, implementing, and auditing compliance processes
  • Business growth by saving time and enables companies concentrate on core business activities.

Help Desk Services

Helpdesk Outsourcing – Way to achieve higher customer retention

Organizations outsource helpdesk services to reduce training and hiring cost, build customer loyalty, and foster continuous organizational growth. HTC’s technical helpdesk services offer voice, email, and remote helpdesk support services for software, hardware, database, networks and operating systems, and resolves employee queries. With its technically experienced resource pool, HTC provides support round the clock and resolves issues within the agreed response time. HTC offers services in:

  • IT Helpdesk
  • Vendor Help Desk for AP
  • Employee Help Desk
  • Email, voice & Chat support

Our helpdesk outsourcing services enables effective query handling, minimizes downtime, and improves customer retention.

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