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Offering customers a unified mobile experience improves customer engagement and establishes deeper connection with customers. HTC custom develops mobile applications that permit enterprises to go to the market with lower TOC.

HTC’s Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) with its proprietary frameworks and tools in multiple platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows using Native/Hybrid Frameworks), assures best application services in the challenging enterprise and consumer mobile applications development market.

HTC’s offers  a wide range of customized cost effective, fault tolerant, scalable, and sustainable applications for all mobile platforms using Hybrid (PhoneGap, Kony, SAP/SUP, Unvired) framework that permits access from any device or platform.

HTC’s Mobile Center of Excellence (CoE) custom develops a wide range of mobile solutions in the areas of User Profiling and Segmentation, Sensor Based Apps, Wearables and Internet of Things (IoT), Location Based Services, Field Force, mCommerce, and Analytics.

Case Study

A Leading Insurance Company Improved Efficiency
A Leading Insurance Company Improved Efficiency
The mobile application enables customers share the required documents when required that reduced time and saves effort



IT Infrastructure is at the heart of all enterprises. The cost of IT infrastructure management is swiftly increasing despite the IT budget remaining almost static. Outsourcing IT infrastructure management reduces cost burden, permits your resources to focus more on other business areas, enables IT environment to keep pace with changing business and technological demands, and optimizes overall IT performance.

Remote Infrastructure Management Service is a key business enabler offering benefits that effectively go beyond cost savings.

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