Enhance your customer service and digital marketing capabilities for the digital age’

Chatbots – Quick and Efficient Customer Service for the Digital Age

The increase in interaction channels and soaring customer expectations is making Chatbots (Digital Agents / Virtual Agents) as the next logical step for most customer focused enterprises to keep up with digital trends.

Enhancing customer engagement and user experience is imperative to improve your relevance and differentiation in the digital marketplace. Chatbots in conjunction with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and other cognitive and Artificial Intelligence techniques automate several customer service functions – customer support, sales, and, marketing. They help you to provide integrated, professional, personalized, engaging, and round the clock efficient customer services the quick and easy way.

Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning, and other cognitive and Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques enable Chatbots to learn, evolve, and personalize its response to customers resulting in higher customer loyalty and delight. Such self-learning capabilities allow enterprises to use Chatbots for a wide range of simple to complex support services.

HTC’s Chatbots / Digital Agents Take Your Customer Service to the Next Level

HTC can turn you ‘digital to the core’; expand your customers’ interactive experiences with Chatbots by enabling quick and efficient customer service. Our Chatbots incorporate deep learning capabilities, which continue to build a strong competitive advantage by deepening customer relationships and task knowledge. Our Chatbots are data-driven, highly secured, and compliant to policies and standards. They can comprehend your customers’ queries, discover the objective / intent, and reply in the appropriate conversational way by delivering highly relevant and contextualized content.

Our Chatbots can handle several customer service functions:

  • Customer service, engagement, and profiling
  • Business development
  • Marketing automation
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Employee relationships
  • Community relationships

Our Chatbots integrate self-service with traditional customer service channels. This enhances and enriches interactions across channels, delivers seamless, superior self-service experience anytime and anywhere. Their multi-platform compatibility and integration with social media and across all the popular messaging platforms – Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram is an added advantage. They optimize your customer interactions, improve satisfaction rate, decrease first call resolution time, and increase service productivity.

Our Chatbots can also integrate with almost all internal and external applications – CRM, ERP, PLM, ticketing system, and call center / service center applications and deliver key business KPIs.

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