Improve efficiency and control costs with RPA

RPA, the Key Enabler of Your Digital Transformation Journey

Although conventional enterprise applications help to improve overall efficiency, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) serves as the latest approach to automation. RPA (intelligent retainable software robots / intelligent digital workforce) emulates human actions, decision-making process, and automates them without making changes to the primary systems and processes 24x7x365.

The greatest advantage of RPA is that it is a low risk and non-invasive technology. This permits it to be overlaid on any existing system allowing the creation of a platform to introduce more sophisticated algorithms and machine-learning tools.

Repetitive manual tasks involving the application of business rules are the prime target for RPA. RPA eliminates manual activity by performing tedious and repetitive tasks at high speed and efficiency, without errors, improves operational efficiency, and accuracy. RPA does this by using a software agent called “robot” or “bot”. RPA is as a key enabler in your digital transformation journey expanding its traction in almost all data-driven business roles and gaining wider adoption in handling service-oriented jobs.

Customized RPA Solutions from HTC

HTC provides a wide range of business process automation services and solutions powered by cognitive technologies ranging from RPA to building chatbots. We work with you to custom build innovative RPA solutions that can manage your tedious and repetitive tasks.

HTC’s RPA services and solution combine AI and cognitive technologies to ensure optimal configuration of your robots and imbue them with cognitive abilities. This enables them to learn from your human workforce – learn your existing applications for processing transactions, data, and communicating with other systems. They efficiently mimic human actions to reduce operating expense, enhance productivity, improve speed, and operational efficiency.

HTC’s RPA services and solutions help you to rapidly scale and diversify business operations without compromising on speed and accuracy. Smart enterprises today are using RPA as a strategic tool to innovate customer and back office processes, and empower employees to focus more on key business areas.

  • Greater performance and works 24x7x365 tirelessly and ceaselessly
  • Integrates easily and seamlessly with your existing systems
  • Enables high productivity and quicker time to market
  • Ensures compliance with rule based work ensuring high quality output
  • Improves accuracy by reducing manual intervention and eliminates subsequent errors
  • Significantly lowers cost
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