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In everything we do, towards each stakeholder – holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


Embrace diversity, respect differences in opinion and thoughts, but work with our customers as one team, with a single aim to deliver better solutions.

Pursuit of excellence

Relentless strive to improve, be better than what we were yesterday and to pursue higher objectives for a better world.


A shared mindset, an undying commitment to deliver quality, value and constantly drive positive change.

Customer centric

Be custodians of the customer’s objectives and advise every action from the lens of putting the customer at the center.


Be original, be bold, challenge the status-quo, and explore new dimensions to disintermediate, disrupt and declutter established ways of doing things.

Our Culture

A great company culture inspires and enables its people to achieve their best, and our work culture has been designed to ensure just that. Guided by our values and strong company identity, we have cultivated a work environment of collaboration, camaraderie, belongingness. We promote transparency and trust in our relationships in a atmosphere of openness and inclusiveness where ideas flourish, learning is integral, and feedback is encouraged.

We are all about investing in and building relationships and have been shaping careers since 1990 – our long tenured employees are a testimony of a work culture, where you feel right at home, very quickly.

The great work we do for our customers is a result of a great work culture, where every member of our HTC Global Services family is empowered and united by the common goal to explore the digital future together.

Our workplace is a destination for those who want to drive change, value teamwork, are compassionate towards each other and are driven by the passion to innovate. To them we offer the pathway to a great career with us!




Employee Stories

HTC provides great learning opportunities. The culture of work-life balance and teamwork is really empowering, especially as a working woman and as a working parent.

Rohini Joyappa

Sr. Manager

Employee Stories

Our values-driven culture touches all aspects of our work life. It helps us build strong relationships based on trust and transparency, and has enabled us to offer our customers the highest standards of performance. I think this is one of our greatest strengths and I feel proud to belong to the HTC Global family.

Koruth Cherian

Sr. Specialist

Employee Stories

I joined HTC Global Services in 2020 right after my MBA and I couldn’t have asked for a better learning experience to start my career. You get to work and learn directly from the leaders. You are nurtured and given bigger and better opportunities. Every task is about “we” and “our” and not “you” and “your”. Employees are appreciated and recognized for every little extra mile that they go for the organization. I haven’t experienced the so-called Monday blues since I joined HTC. I am proud to be a part of the HTC family and I look forward to making an impact for the organization and its clients.

Sparsh Goel

Management Consultant

Employee Stories

When I first joined HTC 11 years ago, my primary responsibility was to head and deliver SAP projects. Over the years, with the help of my distinguished managers and company leaders who instilled confidence in me and encouraged me to be my best self, I grew to become the Vice President of Enterprise Solutions. The work-life balance is one of my favorite things about the company, as well as the values-driven culture which was instilled in me from the beginning and has helped me come a long way, both professionally and personally. I think HTC is the place to be.

Arun Kumar VC

Vice President

We’re always looking for people who want to make a change.