Giving back to the society is our priority


The Charter for Corporate Social Responsibility is to:

  • Identify and formulate programs to fulfil the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility vision and mission
  • Serve as a guiding document to plan, identify, implement and monitor Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives
  • Create a governance structure and team to execute functions within this initiative
  • Review goals and objectives and refine programs on annual basis
  • Minimize the environmental footprint by implementing environmentally responsible practices through all of our activities
  • Promote energy efficient infrastructure and lighting, promote recycling, greening projects around HTC facilities, and encourage ride-share work-travel options
  • Identify opportunities and improve conditions for proper health, safety, and well-being of all our employees and visitors to our offices
  • Participate in community activities including first aid training camps, blood donation camps, health food drives, clean-up drives and teaching programs
  • Strive for continuous improvement while operating in a socially responsible manner that complies with legal requirements
  • Provide ongoing training programs designed to improve our employees skills and knowledge in sustainability
  • Encourage employees to generate ideas that that will add value to our business, and to the community that we serve and live in
  • Engage with and support our employees, contractors, suppliers, business partners, and communities to share responsibility for meeting these objectives


HTC’s vision is to be an organization recognized by its employees, customers, and other stakeholders as an eco-friendly organization with appropriate programs in place to reduce impact on environment through sustainable practices and initiatives. In all HTC locations and operations, our vision for sustainability follows these guiding principles:

  • We ensure customer satisfaction by adding value and honoring commitments at all times
  • We build transparent lasting relationships and stand for integrity and mutual trust
  • We strive to be an eco-friendly organization
  • We foster a learning organization that nurtures innovative thinking in growing the business in harmony with our communities


HTC’s mission for Social Responsibility and Sustainability is to execute various environment sustainability programs in alignment with HTC’s own Mission and Core Values as an IT Solutions provider.

  • We are committed to our high standards of business ethics and maintain high standards of corporate governance
  • We ensure environmental sustainability through ecological conservation and regeneration adopting industry best practices
  • We support efforts to promote proper health and safety of our workforce and our community
  • We partner with local communities towards sustainability, respecting the customs, cultures, and values in the communities in which we operate
  • We ensure sustainability is an integral part of our business plans and operations through monitoring and efficient use of resources


HTC’s Corporate Social Responsibility embraces its commitment to sustainable development and the goal of preserving the environment as an integral aspect of its business operations.

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