A message from our President & CEO on COVID-19

We are people first organization and are adapting and responding to the situation in a responsible way towards our customers, employees and all our business partners and associates.

HTC Global Services and its subsidiary organizations, Ciber Global and CareTech Solutions, are closely monitoring the coronavirus pandemic in countries where we have presence in. We have formed a COVID-19 Response Task Force and are following Center for Disease Control guidelines to respond to this evolving threat.

Our company was founded on core values of Simplicity, Honesty and Humility that continue to guide us in these unprecedented times. And I want to update you on the measures taken to play our part in overcoming this pandemic affecting our families, friends, communities and way of life.

Employees across all our locations, have been strongly encouraged to work from home. Given our globally distributed workforce the shift to working remotely has been smooth and without any disruption of our services to customers. We continue to deliver on our business commitments with the highest levels of performance and security.

To ensure precaution and containment of the pandemic, we are working with our teams and customers through digital channels as much as possible. Travel, event participations and any such public events have either been cancelled or postponed. We are taking the situation very seriously.

The COVID-19 Response Task Force, comprising of our global leaders are each actively involved in daily assessment of the situation, and in minimizing impact on our business, customers and employees, ensuring:

  • Safeguard against risk of transmission among employees, customers and vendors
  • Business continuity and services to customers and employees
  • Maintaining supply chain function

Highly vigilant and pro-active steps are being taken to safeguard the health of our people:

  • Educating management, employees, and contractors on coronavirus
  • Infrared Thermostats being implemented across all our office premises
  • Reviewing and updating COVID-19 response and business continuity plans based on information from CDC and other authoritative agencies
  • Expanding work-from-home capacity
  • Implementing strict travel restrictions
  • Avoiding conferences and large gatherings to minimize risk of exposure
  • Instructing employees and contractors to notify their supervisor and stay home if they are sick. Instructing management on quarantine procedures to isolate and direct any employees who appear to have the symptoms to an appropriate medical facility
  • Implementing extra measures to sanitize shared workspaces
  • Authorizing employees and contractors working at client sites to follow client directives with absolute diligence

Additionally, please note, that HTC does not have operations in China or any other countries currently under CDC level 3 travel restrictions.

In such times we must put the interest of our families and communities first and respond with responsibility and empathy towards all, with the safety of human life as the foremost priority. And I join you in our collective fight against this pandemic!

As we go forward, I will be sure to keep you updated, and personally welcome any questions, ideas and feedback.


Stay Safe!

Madhava Reddy
President and CEO

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