Your IT Infrastructure delivers when your data center delivers


When greater IT dependence is a business reality, and consequently, the growing reliance on your data center

  • Does it help you get the best out of your existing servers, storage and networks yet optimize costs on operations and manpower?
  • Does it also help you source and deploy IT in new ways to support your digital transformation initiatives?
  • How about having enough storage capacity to accommodate gigantic data upsurges?
  • And, what about securing your mission critical data and complying with complex regulation norms?

The quest leads to building a superlative data centre as that’s the fulcrum of your IT landscape and there’s where all the actions unfold. In simple terms, your IT Infrastructure delivers when your data center delivers.

However, when you are hard pressed for storage space, processing power, skilled staffs, Capex and time, how will you survive and stand ground?

Many progressive companies have been relying on hosted and cloud data centers for their challenging and complex data storage, processing and securing needs. And for many such companies, HTC’s Global Data Center has been the unanimous choice. Located in Troy, Michigan, our world-class Data Center features:

  • Environmental sensors that consistently measure the temperature and humidity
  • 24x7x365 operations
  • Redundant power and network connectivity
  • Multiple layers of physical and network security
  • Robust operational procedures
  • American Hospital Association endorsed, fully HIPAA-compliant, and audited annually against SSAE-16 SOC 2 standards

Today, we offer a range of flexible, cost effective, Data Center services and solutions, either exclusively or as hybrid host and cloud models, for your entire servers, storage and networking needs so that you can:

  • Optimize costs – from Capex to Opex
  • Provide vast, secure and reliable storage capacity on demand for greater agility
  • Comply complex regulations and also,
  • Go digital- by transforming, adapting disruptive technologies

Our broad Data Center Services include

  • Cloud-based Services
  • Shared and Dedicated Infrastructure
  • Enterprise Application and Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Managed Services – Hosting/Migration
  • Colocation
  • Recovery Services
Cloud-based Services

Private or hybrid, we offer cost-effective, highly secured and scalable cloud data center capabilities that can be availed in a matter of days. As your company’s data needs change over time, we speed, scale and deliver uninterrupted data center services so that you can realize full potential of cloud, transform and grow digitally.

Shared and Dedicated Infrastructure

We provide you with the options of shared or bespoke dedicated infrastructure, so that you can avail the best that suits your unique needs. However, you can be rest assured that whatever the option is, your valuable data is highly protected, and your business’s performance and continuity safeguarded.

Enterprise Application and Infrastructure Monitoring

Simplify and unify your IT monitoring with HTC’s Enterprise Application and Infrastructure Monitoring Services. However complex it may be, we’ll proactively help you by continually streamlining workflows, resolving issues and ensuring your apps and devices are running optimally, round the clock and through the year.

Managed Services

We provide the best-in-class Managed Infrastructure covering a gamut of services that are needed for a successful hosting and/or migration of your entire or partial IT infrastructure. Our Data Center and our IT capabilities powered by the right blend of people, processes, and tools help you address your current and future IT needs so that you can focus on what you do best—your core business.

Colocation Services

Choose our global class Data Center to collocate your IT Infrastructure. With flexible plans, HTC’s Colocation Services allows you to maintain total control over your server and devices and still access and avail the many benefits such as speed, reliability and security of our Tier-1 global data center.

Recovery Services

By engaging us for your Disaster Recovery needs, your mission critical systems and information continue to be available and responsive under the most adverse of circumstances. We offer a wide variety of deployments models for your DR needs. For Disaster Recovery, we utilize a second data center in Flint, Michigan. This data center meets the same stringent redundancy and security standards as our Troy DC.

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