Harness data, derive crucial customer insights and steer your digital efforts in the right direction


In this digital age, your customer initiatives are not what they used to be. Today, it’s a lot more advanced, personalized and result oriented. To make it work, you need to utilize the right mix of talent, technologies, and a great deal of data which is now available at every touch point of your customer journey. Harnessing this data flow and turning them into insights gives you the necessary vision to see whether you are on track, and if your efforts are paying off.

However, the complexity sets in when you need to:

  • Connect, collect, consolidate and analyze your customer data, which is spread across different channels and devices, and often gathered by different technologies and department
  • Collect all of them, which at times are messy, unrefined – and apply it in real time
  • Consider the highly dynamic nature of digital and customer preferences, which makes it very difficult to choose the best–fit metrics to unearth insights continually into customer lives, preferences, and desires
  • Be prepared to handle the onslaught of unprecedented data surge

A powerful, nimble digital analytics infrastructure, which delivers today and adapts for the future is certainly the way forward. We can help.

HTC’s Digital Analytical Services help you achieve all of them and more. Data can be game-changing and we can ensure that for you.

We capitalize on our partnerships with leading digital analytics solution providers and offer a wide variety of analytics capabilities so that you get the maximum out of your customer data. Equipped with smart and intelligent analytics, you can unearth deeper insights into the efficacy of your customer initiatives, business practices and strategy, and then make informed decisions in a myriad of business contexts.

You can effortlessly harness your digital data from various sources like websites, mobile applications, and social media among others and can gain a clear vision on how your users or customers think, act and applaud. We can also aid you predict changing preferences both on an individual level and in terms of larger market share. Based on the insights, you can target, retarget your messages and initiatives, and steer your digital efforts in the right direction.

Yes, it’s a buyer’s market, but we can turn your business into an analytics-driven organization so that you can intelligently exploit data to provide highly individualized, compelling experiences to your customers and digitally lead. Our Digital Analytics offerings cover:

  • SEO, SEM, and SMM
  • Multi-channel Marketing Analysis
  • Social Analytics and Profiling
  • Web Analytics and Customer Experience Analytics

Your business calls are not going to increase just because you launched a website.  You need sound digital marketing strategies such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Social Media Marketing (SMM) to lead your customers to your website and eventually become loyal customers.
It’s time you raise your SEO, SMM and SEM efforts to another level with HTC. We can ensure that you not only have a great website but also successfully market it digitally. We apply appropriate digital marketing tools to ensure a better ranking for your site in the SERP’s (search engine results pages), remain relevant across all major social media platforms, and increase visibility either organically or inorganically, and see high ranking and solid conversions.

Multi-Channel Marketing Analysis

Today’s customers traverse across various devices and channels and expect an omni-channel personalized content and experiences everywhere and every time. To match or exceed their expectations, you need to have an integrated and holistic view of their buying journey to derive deeper insights into what works and what doesn’t, where high leads come from, what combination of campaigns and channels work, what is the conversion rate and what needs recourse or pullout. However, if your existing analytics infrastructure work in isolation, this may turn challenging.
Here’s where we help. Our Multi-Channel Marketing Analysis service provides you with analytics tools and frameworks that help you integrate all of your customer data across channels, campaigns. You can now holistically discover insights, track and compare your efforts, performances and successfully align your marketing efforts to that of your customers’ needs.

Social Analytics and Profiling

Social media is where your customers are, and that’s why it is an indispensable arsenal in your modern marketing kit. Social profiles provide you wealth of information about your customers’ age, likes, hobbies, preferences, places they visit, and brands they endorse etc. This data can be segmented beyond demographics so that you can strategize and communicate with them in a very personalized manner. To make it happen you need a strong analytics infrastructure, especially the ones meant for social platforms.
At HTC, we’ve got you covered. We can assess, understand and help you deploy the best of social analytics that’s suits your unique marketing needs. We have partnered with leading social analytics brands and also offer expert professional guidance to help you track, manage and measure your social campaigns, and most importantly discover actionable customer insights from all your social efforts.

Web Analytics and Customer Experience Analytics

Customers’ today are not buying products but experiences; delivering exceptional and highly personalized experiences is therefore a must. However, the challenge lies when you have to sweep through the reams of data amassed at every digital touch points to understand the changing customer’s behavior and preferences.
In other words, how do you know you are delivering great experiences to your customers? Without effective analytics, you cannot improve what you don’t measure. Here’s where Customer Analytics helps. Integral to refining your customer experiences, it transforms your customer data into valuable intelligence and helps you deliver context based, omni-channel communications. At HTC, we have proven expertise and technologies to help you integrate analytics into your strategy and improve ‘experiences’ at every step of your customer’s journey.
On the other hand, our Web Analytics services cater to your website monitoring drive. We can help you measure, manage and monitor your website, keep a tab on page views, track bounce rates, and ensure you realign your website’s design and content to increase traffic and make the most out of your website .

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