A full-function data capture solution

Companies of all sizes have one thing in common – they all have to pay for the products and services they seek from third party vendors. Many of these companies are challenged with managing their accounts payable (AP) process.
Although electronic invoices (EDI or XML) are a more efficient and reliable format for companies to receive and process through workflows, most companies still receive the majority of their invoices in paper format. This presents significant challenges for organizations because paper invoices, when processed manually, results in inefficiencies, introduces errors, and leads to increased paper handling and storage costs. Furthermore, the average invoice receipt-to-payment time is much longer.
HTC’s Document and Data Capture Solution for AR/AP and Invoices help companies eliminate manual processing and data entry, streamline processing and have the necessary visibility into accounting processes. Automated using a highly efficient content management software, it offers effective:

  • Document capture for imaging and image data capture
  • Document management for document archival, search and retrieval
  • Workflow for document processing

The content management system can be integrated with the existing ERP system to enable the users to view invoices images directly from the ERP system.
Today, the exhaustive solution offers numerous benefits to the customer including:

    • Capturing the document on the front end immediately removes paper from the process and speeds up the data entry within the ERP system. This reduces overall invoice cycle time by expediting invoice approvals.
    • Elimination of manual data entry frees resources from non-core activities and provides an opportunity for the company to deploy them for more strategic purposes
    • Automation ensures accuracy and data consistency
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