Maximize the value of your Marketing Technology investment.

New-age marketing is huge, complex and challenging. Just having a great set of Marketing Technology tools is not enough to realize the potential of your digital strategy.

Are you able to continually manage, maintain and monitor your digital websites and applications? Can you ensure they remain functional every day for customers across all channels, while also nimbly adapting to newer business and technical changes? Often, these post go-live activities can be routine, time consuming and non-core and may be overlooked at times. Yet, it is very essential for a successful digital marketing program.

To address the challenge, progressive companies have partnered with third-party providers, who possess the industry know-how and technological expertise to effectively deploy such managed operations to ensure the return of value for their martech investments.

HTC is such a partner. We offer a variety of custom digital property management and coordination services ranging from website maintenance, application upgrades, performance optimization, issue resolution, vendor management, 24/7 emergency support and more. Today, we emerge as the one-stop destination for the entire digital content IT needs of many of our customers. We provide digital property maintenance and support services that enable companies to keep focus on their core work while maintaining pace with the emerging trends.

Offered as managed services, our Digital Content Operations service is comprehensive and covers all of your needs including; Campaign Integration, Delivery Execution, Digital Property Maintenance and Support, and Vendor Management (Agency, CRM, DNS/Hosting, Training).

Part of our larger service focus- HTC’s Marketing Technology Services, our Digital Content Services enable you to:

  • Free up time for your marketing and IT departments, allowing them to focus on revenue-generating activities
  • Access expert skill sets and advanced technologies without having to own them
  • Ensure brand consistency across channels
  • See greater ROIs and, therefore, increase bottom line of your company
  • Adapt quickly to marketing changes
  • Increase Efficiency and Competitiveness across your marketing ecosystem
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