An end-to-end content management and delivery solution

docuSTACK CS Platform offers a wide variety of content services features to build customized content management and delivery solutions for business content, historical archives to newspapers, journals and periodicals.

This platform can be used across industries such as Education, Government, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Entertainment, Media, Publishing, Manufacturing, Engineering, Pharmaceutical, Libraries, Archives and Museums.

The framework offers a rich user interface with a wide range of functions to build and deploy solutions in the cloud or on premise. The framework architecture offers high scalability, high availability, manageability, and ease of integration.


Key Features:

Digital Asset Management: Scanned images, traditional documents, maps, audio, video, text and XML/HTML documents

Content Management: Life cycle management, storage, versioning, metadata, attachments and linking

Search: Full-text, metadata, and properties

Search Aids: Visual results, facets, term frequency, word maps, fuzzy search

Browse: Virtual folders, files, collections, tree view

Records and Compliance Management: Retention rules, holds, archival and audits

Data Capture: Metadata, full-text, properties, and image data capture (OCR/IMR/OMR)

Content Delivery: Omni-channel, online, multi-formant rendition

Workflow: Process automation, tasks, deadlines, and notifications

Viewer: Native content viewer for images, ms-office and text

Platform Design:

      • Extensible service oriented architecture
      • Web Services / Rest API for integration
      • Active Directory and Single Sign-on integration for security and authentication
      • Supports leveraging cloud services for storage, databases, and scalability
      • Built using open source technology stack
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