Making sense of big data prudently and proactively

To realize faster growth in competitive markets, organizations must capitalize on their data and accurately analyze it to obtain actionable insights. To gain competitive advantage, enterprises have to act on the insights from real-time data. HTC’s comprehensive BI and Analytics services help you convert your data into timely and actionable insights by unlocking hidden opportunities and insights to sharpen and quicken decision-making. Our top-notch data scientists have been developing statistical models and ML algorithms that our clients can deploy in their business processes. Our data and content management capabilities run the length of the value chain – from marketing spend optimization to conjoint analysis for product configuration. We also offer early-warning systems and tailored offers based on system and collector data. Our churn-prediction-propensity model and real-time executive dashboards mitigate mission-critical risks effectively and with cost benefits.

Our data and content management services

  • Scanning
  • XML Conversion
  • ePub
  • Audio & video transcription
  • Data cleansing

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