Transform to a digital services world


The digital revolution is increasing the demand for interactive, anytime, anywhere, any device digital content availability. This requires the media and publishing enterprises to reorient and equip themselves to manage turbulent digital demands.
HTC has over two decades of experience in providing innovative, cost-effective, and customized IT services and solutions to global Media and Publishing enterprises. HTC’s media and publishing IT services and solutions simplify content creation, management, and distribution, enhance user experience, track readership, and analyze readership data. Our IT offerings include:

  • Content conversion / creation / digitization, and cataloging – the easy, cost-effective, and innovative way to go digital
  • Content Management – drives digital transformation, content diversity, and channel proliferation
  • Social Analytics – provides information about realizing social media goals, competition benchmarking, stakeholders perception of social media performance, content promotion effectiveness, what type of content is engaging and shareable
  • Digital delivery platform for effective distribution of interactive content across varied channels by decoupling content and medium for multiple format compatibility and enhancing user experience



Enterprise Content / Document Management system – Customized and cost effective ECM services and solutions using – IBM FileNet, MarkLogic, SharePoint, and Open Source Software


Workflow and Business Process  – Helps clients adapt to digital disruption with appropriate workflow and business process management capabilities


Content Aggregation / Categorization – Provides greater consistency, relevance, and marketability for content by collating several reliable resources for a specific topic


Search Technologies – SEO techniques – helps structuring your content to enable users easily find the required information from your publications and gain insights


Content Conversion / Digitization Services / Document Conversion  – Enables you to you repurpose your content by organizing and converting it to digital formats of your preference quickly, accurately, securely, and cost effectively


Data Archiving and Preservation  – Helps you to decide the appropriate digital format based on how long you choose to store / retain the data and ensuring the trustworthiness of the chosen repository or archive


Social Analytics  – Helps you to track, benchmark, and optimize your social media performance

Case Study

Digitization of Substantial Collection of Eighteenth Century Historical Works
Digitization of Substantial Collection of Eighteenth Century Historical Works
Digitized a huge collection of historical (15th to 19th century) multilingual books converted them as XML enabling easy online search and retrieval
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