Streamline business processes, improve ROI, and lower TCO


Numerous enterprises still use disparate applications developed with incompatible technologies having varied databases / information silos that operate as isolated business units within the organization. As these applications cannot communicate / share data with each other, it hinders cooperative and coordinated working across the enterprise and effective decision making. Business Application Integration (BAI) is the cost-effective way to bridge the gap and provide interoperability between disparate applications.

HTC’s mature BAI practice focuses on end-to-end enterprise-wide integration of disparate business applications and their varied databases to enable secure, intra, and inter enterprise collaboration. This enables applications talk to each other efficiently and permits impeccable information flow between various applications across the enterprise and its locations.

HTC’s BAI weeds out redundancies in applications, reduces maintenance cost, and moves to an asset-light model to provide superior return on your total asset portfolio. HTC simplifies the way customer acquires and analyzes data in real time by reducing IT complexities and improving consistency, modernizing, consolidating, coordinating for effective collaboration within enterprise to facilitate effective decision making, streamlines business processes, improves ROI, and lowers TCO enabling you to stay lean, improve agility, scalability, and flexibility.

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