Leverage TMMi to dramatically improve your testing practices and performance

In the new world of digital business, high-quality software created in the shortest possible time makes all the difference. Your QA and testing now holds the key. However, when your existing testing processes get entrenched with shortfalls and fail to evolve with the changing times, delivering quality software with greater agility turns challenging. An immediate assessment to realign them against industry-leading benchmarks or models highly helps.

The Test Maturity Model integration (TMMi) developed by TMMi Foundation, a testing community of experts, provides an excellent reference model to be used during such assessments. The de-facto standard that is widely used for testing process improvement and assessment by global companies, TMMi helps you significantly mitigate testing challenges, improve testing efficiencies, and reduce the overall cost of software development.

The challenge is, however, to choose the right testing partner who has hands-on experience in implementing the complex and challenging metric and KPI-based TMMi framework, on time and as per expectations.

We are that partner.

HTC for your TMMi needs

We have been providing exhaustive TMMi-based services to many of our clients, and have helped them move away from the traditional and expensive defect detection based processes to implement TMMi-centered defect prevention techniques and processes. By partnering with us, our clients benefit from:

  • Mature, scalable and agile testing processes that accommodate various business needs
  • Low-defect density systems
  • Speeding delivery dates and improved user experiences
  • Regular evaluation of services to facilitate better planning, budgeting, and identification of improvement areas
  • Improved ROI

Backed by strong experience and expertise, we can help you understand the TMMi model, identify your testing maturity method, align testing processes, implement improvements, and become formally certified. Our TMMi-based services include:

  • TMMi Consulting
  • TMMi Training
  • TMMi Informal Assessment
  • TMMi Formal Assessment

Why you should partner with us for TMMi

  • One-stop solution – End-to-end services, from training to certification
  • Partnership with leading accredited assessors
  • Varied global experiences in managing test improvement projects, and successfully implementing TMMi based improvements
  • Access to a large pool of talent having advanced knowledge and skills in the areas of assessments, process improvement, TMMi and testing
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