Give a new lease of life to your applications and create true value for your enterprise in these digital times


If you are spending more time and IT budget on simply maintaining your traditional applications rather than new innovations and digital transformation, then modernizing these applications to give a new lease of life should be a top priority.

However, modernization isn’t about a mere change of code, tools and features, but the way you transfer information into new environments – quickly, cost-effectively, and most importantly, without losing data quality and integrity.

At HTC, Application Modernization Practice helps companies move rapidly through this complicated yet need-of-the hour modernization process and obtain measurable value with less risk. We make full use of your existing application code investments and at the same time, enable you to embrace modern development practices, platforms, architectures and enhance security.

Many global companies have relied on us for their traditional application modernization needs; today, you can also count on us to:

  • Have a clear and realistic understanding of your present application portfolio, and then strategize a milestone based application modernization roadmap that targets both application source code and data conversions
  • Refactor, re-purpose or consolidate your legacy applications to align them more closely with your current business, markets and customer needs
  • Go to Cloud in the most effective way – migrate existing virtualized apps / build cloud-native, service-oriented apps / look at API fore-fronted connectivity and integrations / or simply ‘lift and shift’ viable legacy to new Cloud environments
  • Explore opportunities for DevOps and Agile projects and also find scope for modernizing the application experience
  • Implement Software as a Service (SaaS) or Platform as a Services (PaaS) based solutions, and take your modernization efforts to the next level
  • Enhance application access control and data protection to address dynamic security and regulatory compliance needs
  • Transform digitally by utilizing next-gen application development processes and technologies such as AI, ML, Managed Code, Mobile Applications, IoT, and Big Data and Analytics

Whichever application modernization scenario you choose, we provide comprehensive application modernizing platforms, technologies and tools that include design, test and runtime environments. We have the breadth and diversity of resources, technological expertise and experiences needed for a successful outcome.

Our Digital Innovation Lab and Center of Excellence for Application Management Services can collectively help you design a completely new digital enterprise and ensure your application modernization efforts create true value for your enterprise.

Legacy Modernization

From Portfolio Assessment and Planning, Recoding, Re-architecting, Re-engineering, Migration, Re-hosting, to Integration, Replacement and Retirement, today, HTC’s Legacy Modernization practice offer a full spectrum of solutions for all aspects of your application transformation process.

Digital Transformation

We help you build your digital transformation capabilities keeping your data, business processes, and infrastructure at the core. We can identify areas for modernization and integration with cognitive and automation technologies such as IoT, RPA, AI and Machine Learning while also deploying agile process services to scale and transform your business operations.

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