Extend and increase the value from your legacy, while exploring digital opportunities at the same time

For many years, your business has been operating on what would now be considered legacy systems. It can be hard to part with or change them. However, it’s essential you move forward, migrate to newer technologies and environment as this is the digital era when speed, agility and scalability highly matter.

Unless you modernize these aging, disparate legacy technology, you will be poorly positioned to meet these requirements, and eventually miss opportunities to impress your customers.

Yet, these legacy systems hold valuable business logic accumulated over several years; scrapping or replacing entirely isn’t an option all the time for all the applications. If you think that an upgrade, patch-up or a layer building exercise will work, think again! You’re playing a new digital game with new set of rules – the principles and options of the past no longer apply.

This perspective is what sets us apart as we approach legacy modernization from a number of different directions. We are aware that

  • Supporting mission-critical business processes on legacy platforms is neither easy nor cheap; yet, “succession” is an inevitable step in the IT systems lifecycle
  • Subtle, accumulated complexities of years of evolution of a legacy system cannot be approached simplistically – That’s the reason we give our utmost efforts in retaining or extracting the immense value of your business process logic and information lying in your propriety systems by leveraging current Service Oriented Architectures principles involving Microservices, Agile and DevOps platforms
  • If need be, we can help you ‘wrap’ or ‘Containerize’ your existing old applications so that you can remove the dependencies on the underlying infrastructure services, and hence reduce the complexity of dealing with those platforms. By externalizing APIs and adopting the Microservices path, you ensure portability, modularity and increase application interoperability in the virtual Cloud-based environment so that your applications easily and effectively run on distributed architecture
  • Even while embracing agility, keeping your customer and employee experiences at the core is fundamental and here’s where our wide capabilities in Experience based Designs delivers

From Portfolio Assessment and Planning, Recoding, Re-architecting, Re-engineering, Migration, Re-hosting, to Integration, Replacement and Retirement, today, HTC’s Legacy Modernization practice offer a full spectrum of solutions for all aspects of your application transformation process. We deploy intelligent automation, state-of-the-art assets, specialized talents, and global delivery capabilities and help you choose the best modernization approach and solution that suits your unique needs.

Partner with us in your legacy modernization journey to extend and increase the value you get from your existing applications, while exploring digital opportunities at the same time.

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