Cybersecurity for the Digital Age


Business leaders today know that cybersecurity risks are greater than they have ever been. In a recent article on CSOOnline it is stated that cyber crime damages are estimated to cost the world $6 trillion dollars annually by 2021, up from $3 trillion in 2015.

This level of business risk demands the attention of business leader as they strive to responsibly manage business risk.  No enterprise risk management program today is complete if it does not consider the potential impact of cybersecurity threats and risks.

Cybersecurity threats and risks include:

  • Ransomware attacks that prevent access to critical data
  • Denial of service attacks that make critical computer systems unusable
  • Malware and hacking attacks that lead to theft of sensitive intellectual property and personal information
  • Mistakes and intentional acts of our employees, subcontractors and vendors that result in theft or loss of data and open the door to hacking attacks

Also impacting businesses today is the increasing burden of compliance with laws and regulations related to data protection and privacy.  Today every state in the US has a law regarding identity theft or impersonation.  The laws establish minimum security and privacy protections and notification requirements for data breaches. In addition there are Federal laws in the US and other countries. On May 25, 2018 the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect setting new standards for data protection of personal data relating to EU citizens and residents.

HTC is ready to help business leaders understand the security and compliance posture of their organization.  The questions that business leaders must ask are:

  • Is my security program sufficient to manage today’s cybersecurity risks and defend against current threats?
  • How effective is my current security program?
  • Have we made the right investments in people, process and technology?
  • What is my cybersecurity maturity level?
  • Are there gaps in my readiness to protect and defend our data and information systems?
  • Am I in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations affecting personal data?

Let HTC’s experienced cybersecurity professionals help you answer these questions and work with you to develop an effective cybersecurity program that can stand up to current threats. Areas of experience include governance, risk, compliance, policy, monitoring, operations, and incident response.


Cybersecurity Risk Assessment / Maturity Assessment

  • Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment (gap analysis)
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Security Compliance Evaluation
  • Network Vulnerability Assessment
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Security Policy Evaluation / Development
  • Data discovery and controls planning

Identity and Access Management Services

Implementation of business processes and supporting technology for account provisioning, deprovisioning and auditing. Support for role-based access request, workflow for authorizations, periodic access review, workflow re-engineering, identity database, and security best practices

Security Operations Center

Our team monitors client security sensors as per agreed upon operating procedures. The team reviews and investigates alerts, closes alerts, opens tickets for tier two and three investigation and response. Services include development of operating procedures and can include investigation and response

Cisco Umbrella

Umbrella is a cloud-based and easy to implement platform that provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet

Legacy Archiving

iDoc™Archive (CareTech’s (An HTC Global Company) Data Archival Solution) decommissioning is a secure and cost-effective solution for storing  and archiving information from legacy systems

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