A full-function data capture solution

Automating information capture can increase operational efficiencies and lead to improved customer service and lower operational costs. Organizations across all sectors are implementing automated solutions for document capture, categorization, and data capture and benefiting by reducing manual data entry costs and reduced processing time.

The real value of automating information capture extends beyond speed and economy to its role in enhancing business processes of organizations.

HTC’s Document and Data Capture solution is a highly-configurable, scalable, and full-function capture solution that enables organizations to quickly capture documents and accurately extract important information from documents for use by business users and in applications.  This platform integrates seamlessly with document management applications and other business functions. Built using open architecture, It incorporates leading third-party character recognition technologies to offer highly accurate machine print OCR (OCR, OCR-A, OCR-B and MICR), Handprint (ICR), Check Mark (OMR) and Barcode (1D and 2D) recognition.

The solution includes a comprehensive set of document processing tools and administrative tools that integrate seamlessly under the workflow framework that enables processing all types of unstructured documents as well as structure forms such as health insurance forms (HCFA/UB/Dental/Other), tax forms, invoices, survey forms, and scantron forms.

Solution Features

  • Configurable data capture templates to support multiple form types
  • Configurable workflows to define process steps, exception handling, and document routing
  • Configurable document types, forms, and field-level and form-level data validation rules
  • Virtual document batching and sorting
  • Support for centralized and distributed document capture with variety of input channels such as scanners, fax, MFPs, email and file systems
  • Secure online document intake and capture
  • Rules driven document recognition, categorization, and data extraction
  • Highly flexible data capture capabilities for machine print, hand print, check mark, and barcode recognition
  • Complete audit trail for all transactions and documents
  • Extensive reporting capability, including predefined and ad-hoc reports
  • Web browser based interface for system configuration and administration
  • Scalable architecture to handle increases in transaction volume and number of users
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