Proactively gain insights into your IT Infrastructure's health and performance, and stay ahead


Geographically spread operations, mobile workforce, digital technology disruptions, increasing cloud/hybrid IT adoptions and ever-increasing data deluge – today, your IT Infrastructure is highly challenged, and yet needs to be up and running, round the clock. Any downtime means loss of opportunities and additional costs, besides valuable time of your IT people confronting every day to find out what happened when, why and how to fix it.

Today, IT monitoring requires careful consideration. On premise, cloud or hybrid infrastructure, effective monitoring is the cornerstone. However, relying on traditional IT monitoring tools and methods is not helping, as they aren’t built for today’s complex IT Infrastructure landscape.

We can help.

Transform your IT operations with HTC’s Monitoring Services for insights into how your IT Infrastructure – from network devices (routers, switches, and firewalls), end user devices such as workstations, servers, applications, to website URLs, is performing and consuming resources. We can help you derive most out of these network of connected technology by closely monitoring so that you

  • Spend less time worrying on downtimes and more time enhancing your IT’s value
  • Gain insights into your environment to quickly detect, resolve, observe trends, and ensure uninterrupted services for your entire business
  • Scale, adapt to the growing needs of your IT and business operations

Our integrated Remote Infrastructure Monitoring Services are managed by experienced technology professionals, utilizing industry-leading tools to help companies avoid performance degradation and system failures that may put business operations at risk. Today, our comprehensive Monitoring Services include 4,500 + elements and thousands of interfaces and can be classified into:

  • Device Monitoring:
    • End-user Devices, Workstations, Routers, Switches, Windows Servers, Unix Servers, Database Servers, Applications (remote and local hosted), Websites, Citrix Environments
    • Up/down (Device and Services) – SNMP, Ping, Local Agent
    • Health Overall – CPU, Memory, Disk space, Bandwidth Utilization, Capacity Planning
  • End User Experience Monitoring (Synthetic Transactions)
  • Intelligent Ticketing
  • Dashboards and Reporting

Our Global Monitoring Operations and Management means you are assured of:

  • 24×7 Continuous Monitoring
  • Live Application Specific Dashboards
  • Alert Management
  • Network Operations Center(NOC)
  • Proactive & Preventive Maintenance
  • Incident Response and Orchestrations

We can cover you for your on premise IT Monitoring needs – from external web services monitoring to internal monitoring of your entire IT Infrastructure components including servers, databases and applications. We can also help you with a customized monitoring solution for your cloud/hosting based IT Monitoring needs.

Device Monitoring

In a multi-vendor, multi-brand heterogeneous hardware environment comprising varied end-user devices, servers, apps and websites, you need customized device monitoring services and we can exactly do that. Partner with us to monitor the status and performance of your varied hardware components, anytime, from anywhere, in an integrated manner from a central web console.

End User Experience Monitoring (Synthetic Transactions)

When experiences drive the business environment, your app users experience and satisfaction highly matters. Proactively monitoring (simulations) their overall expectations, experiences during new software rollout or legacy usage helps. HTC’s End User Experience Monitoring enables you to effectively, and continuously simulate, plan your user experience monitoring, while timely adjusting the course of action whenever there are issues of poor performance, slowdowns or outages.

Intelligent Ticketing

We provide you with an effective, intelligent IT ticketing service that has one single focus – to resolve issues better, faster and ensure both your IT and the users have a smooth run, every hour, every day and through the year.

Dashboards and Reporting

We offer prebuilt and custom report capabilities so that you can easily manage, measure and monitor your IT Infrastructure across metrics and ensure your IT components are performing to the expected standards.

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