Simplify, Streamline, and Automate Grants Administration and Management with HTC’s EGrAMS


Grants giving agencies are constantly faced with the challenge of meeting federal mandates and deadlines with the limited resources available to them. Without a stable and reliable system, they have to handle large volumes of paper and often end up making mistakes and missing deadlines. On the other hand, grantees are not happy with the short window of time available to complete exhaustive grant applications, which requires large amount of data entry. Without a proper system in place, reviews, approvals and contract generation are cumbersome, and also causes unacceptable delays. When quarterly reports are inaccurate, payments are delayed leading to tensions between grantors and grantees. On top of it all, grantor staff are under constant pressure to produce a variety of reports and dash boards for the executives. Accomplishing all these with a manual or semi-automated system leads to high stress and burnout among grantor staff.

Effective automation helps and we can deliver

Our EGrAMS is a web-based, easily configurable, and scalable grants management solution that can be implemented in a matter of weeks. From planning through closeout, you can quickly streamline, automate, and simplify your grants administration and management processes in its entirety and comfortably fulfill the transparency, accountability, and compliance requirements on time.  Available on premise or on cloud, EGrAMS can manage high volume transactions, and has seamless integration capabilities with third party software.

Today, the solution has made it possible for several states agencies across the US and Canada to achieve their grants management goals.

Enterprise COTS Solution
  • On-premise or cloud based solution
  • Off-the-shelf solution that can be rapidly deployed
  • Grant programs can be set up without changing software code
  • Fulfills transparency, accountability, and compliance requirements
  • Integrates seamlessly with third party software
  • Manages high volumes of transactions easily
User Configurable
  • Can be configured by users
  • Configure all aspects of grants life cycle
  • Set up user defined fields and field level help
  • Create new programs by coping configurations
Cloud Hosted
  • Easy to use application
  • Enter and submit grant details online
  • Copy previous year’s application information
  • Validates applications with business rules
  • Eliminates redundant data entry
Streamlined Reviews
  • Set up review criteria and scoring rubrics
  • Collaborate and review for consensus
  • Generate Rank Lists and funding recommendations
Approvals, Contract Generation and Acceptance
  • Automatic routing for multiple levels of approvals
  • Supports inclusion of applicable special conditions
  • Online acceptance and electronic signatures
  • Eliminates grant agreement errors
  • Reduces approval and overall contract execution time
Progress Reporting
  • Set up multiple progress reports with online interface
  • Automatically sends reminders and notifications automatically
  • Easy to enter and submit progress reports
  • Validates progress reports according to business rules
  • Permits timely and error free submitting of progress reports
  • Supports pre-payments and cost reimbursement payment models
  • Supports charging rules and interface to external financial systems
  • Reduces account coding and distribution errors, increases disbursement speed
  • Supports grantor and grantee initiated amendments
  • Supports multiple levels of amendment approval
  • Easy generation of amendment contract


  • EGrAMS has been a great system for us to manage the life cycle of more than 3000 grants agreements. EGrAMS is a complete Grant lifecycle system. The vendor is very easy to work with. They are knowledgeable about grant and accounting process and provide excellent customer service. EGrAMS allows the Department flexible to customize the grant programs to meet the requirements of our funding sources. EGrAMS grant programs are configured by employees at the Department. This allows the Department to have more control over the grant lifecycle and timelines. This allows the Department the flexibility to issue allocated grants and competitive grants throughout the year.

    - Grant Division Director
  • Excellent support by HTC. Installed EGrAMS Sept 2008 and launched our first grant appl by Dec. Functionally rich, allows us to manage the complete grant life cycle; from the configuration of our grant competitions, taking online applications; establishing review panels and managing reviews and ranking; the approval process, including notifications; payment scheduling and interfacing with our accounting system; and finally, recording progress reports on research and financials and closing out completed grants. The product is very stable and reliable and the software vendor, HTC, is easy to work with from both the standpoint of the implementation and ongoing support.

    - Assistant Director, Information and Solutions Management
  • The system has tremendous flexibility due to a great amount of dynamic capacity. As a manager in a large grant making agency, it has allowed us to incorporate an end-to-end grant process in a single system. EGrAMS has enhanced our agency's grant capacity and is an outstanding product. The test system used to set up applications works well due to the quick response of EGrAMS technical assistance team. The EGrAMS team is always looking to improve this product.

    - Grant Management Technical Specialist
  • It automates does edit checks for many of the detail tasks we used to do, it controls the workflow, and all of the documentation is retained and available, provides the capabilities for us to help the users and allows for query of the available data. The software allowed us to continue to do our work although we had a significant reduction in staff (we now have 3 people do the work that 7 people used to do before the software was implemented). We completely eliminated the paperwork of 150 contracts and the 1,800 monthly billings.

    - Financial Manager, Government Administration
  • Everything I need to manage numerous grants in one central location; application, reporting and contract. I like that I can be in the system to provide support while working with a grantee. Tech support is great! The application piece enables me to include all the necessary information for a quality application. I don't know what I'd do if I had to manage all of my grants manually. It has been an overall very good experience working in the EGrAMS tool. My grantees are overall pleased with the tool.

    - Local Council Coordinator
  • Comprehensive system for end-to-end grant management processing with customizable workflow and forms. The forms/templates are highly customizable as are the workflows to accommodate different requirements for different programs. Vendor offers excellent customer support. All steps included in processing applications and grants are covered and can be managed in the same place: from running competitions for online application for funding through reviews and approvals as well as post-award activities including payment processing

    - Business Analyst
  • Our experience has been positive. This system has saved us a lot of time! This software has made it easier for my unit to process grants. Having the grants online for both us and our grantees makes accessing information much easier. Our grantees like the ability, when applicable, to copy parts of previous applications into the current one that they are working on. I like being able to log into the system and help our users with problems that they are having. We are looking forward to implementing the invoicing feature which will save us even more time. This system also saves paper!

    - Associate Park and Recreation Specialist
  • Functions well and easy to use. The software has allowed me to more effectively manage contracts. The system is able to handle every aspect of our grant management program including application submission, monthly bills, budget adjustments, annual reports and year-end closing activities. The ability to customize is also a great feature that we use regularly due to changes in program policy, etc. The software has allowed me to more effectively manage contracts.

    - Contract manager
  • For an "off the shelf product" is has been an excellent tool for us. Web base ability - easily used by our applicants. We constantly receive positive reactions from our applicants about the ease of use. It is a tool that we easily use in our daily business

    - Grants Manager
  • Customer service is top notch! System is easy to navigate and can be customized to suit our needs. The system can be customized to suit our (ever changing) needs. The system works very well for rating applications and setting permissions.

    - Executive Director
  • EGRAMS has a wealth of information stored within the systems database. Our Department has been able to customize reporting functionality for our Department's needs, which include Programmatic and Financial along with special data pulls that assist in out monthly FFATA reporting to the Federal Government. With EGrAMS we've be able to process a complete Grant Application to Agreement in as little as 3 day, which is unheard of our paper processing. Overall the benefits of using the EGrAMS electronic system far out way the old manual processing.

    - Grant Innovation Coordinator, Government Administration
  • Great Customer Service. It has been easy to customize system to fit our processes. We initially used the system only for rating proposals, but have been able to add more capabilities over time include generating contracts and grant reporting.

    - Community Development Supervisor, Government Administration

Streamlining and Simplification of Grant-Giving and Grants Administration Process using HTC’s EGrAMS

Implementation of EGrAMS

A web-based, configurable, and scalable solution that simplifies, streamlines, and automates grants administration and management processes.

EGrAMS- Grants Management Software
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