Open Source ERP - a comprehensive suite of business applications with wealth of functionalities


Odoo (formerly known as “OpenERP” and before that as “TinyERP”) is a comprehensive suite of highly customizable open source ERP applications. This open source ERP offers a choice of over a thousand modules – Sales, CRM, Project Management, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Financial Management, Human Resources, Travel, Payroll Process, etc. to name a few common and key modules. So it is an effective enterprise management application.

Odoo is targeted at enterprises of all sizes across verticals. It is way ahead of all traditional ERPs, evolves much faster than other traditional ERP solutions, comes at lower cost, and offers utmost flexibility, adaptability, modularity, and usability. Odoo allows selection of the required key modules, which can be expanded later based on the functional requirements. HTC’s Odoo Center of Excellence (CoE) custom develops, implements, and provides post implementation support and enhancement services for our Odoo clients.



OpenERP or Odoo is way ahead of traditional ERP’s. It has helped enterprises by offering a range of business applications that form a complete suite of enterprise applications. HTC has helped several organizations integrate their applications for Human Resources, Project management, Sales, CRM, Financial management, Warehouse management, and Manufacturing which are highly customizable. The benefits of this OpenERP is impeccable.

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