Supercharge IT Service Management with AI


IT organizations are being asked to provide services that support businesses completely. If IT is run well and supports business proactively and responsively, then your business can focus on innovation and competing in the marketplace.  IT leaders need to:

  • Seamlessly support and deliver many services consumed by diverse users, within and outside the organization
  • Quickly manage and accurately resolve issues as delays lead to downtimes
  • Meet ever growing expectations of users
  • Cost effectively extend support
  • Address complexities of managing services on premise and in the cloud
  • Increase speed of delivery to support innovation and digital transformation

The complexities of IT service management are increasing. To address these challenges, organizations are turning to automation to facilitate best practices. A proven and process oriented service management can ensure that the service life cycle of your organization is efficiently managed from end to end.

Take IT service management to the next level with ServiceFocus

ServiceFocus, our user-friendly, integrated and intelligent AI powered IT service management solution offers high-end features and capabilities that help you build structure around the lifecycle of your IT services- from definition and creation, to management and maintenance.

Deployable on the cloud, ServiceFocus enables you to take complete control of your IT operations and offer exceptional customer service. A proven tool, it is designed and deployed to align IT with your overall business objectives. Based on ITIL standards and modern service management best practices, it helps you address complex service management needs by leveraging built-in AI powered capabilities that enable detailed approaches, processes, and techniques.

Starting from IT help desk, you can streamline IT customer service, maintain ticketing systems, build reports and identify defects or flaws in your systems and services. The tool functions well across domains including healthcare, insurance, retail, and banking, and provides ideal functionality for:

  • Service Desk
  • Technical Service Desk
  • Self Service Portal
  • User Provisioning Service Platform

ServiceFocus can also seamlessly integrate with third-party service desk solutions and other standard tools to manage your unique tasks.

Gain the agility and responsiveness demanded by today’s business. ServiceFocus is fully equipped to provide everything you need to modernize Service Desk, Technical Service Desk, Self Service Portal, and User Provisioning Services.

Multi-Channel Interaction

Streamlines customer conversations and resolves incidents across channels with chatbots, live chat, or call.

Matching and Linking
Calls to Tickets

Matches audio version of call and information entered on ticket in response to the call.

Knowledge Management

Powered by Machine Learning, semantic search, regular keyword based search engines, suggests knowledge base articles based on ranking along with article-authoring workflow, versioning of articles, feedback from agents, and article utilization.

AI Enabled Speech to Text
Transcription and Sentiment
Analysis of Calls

Identifies callers who used profane language / showed negative sentiment.

Auto Routing of Tickets

Identifies the support person or group based on Computer Telephony Integration and location details and automatically routes the tickets along with information needed for support staff to resolve the tickets.

Management Database

Links applications, modules, system software, operating system, middleware, databases, and hardware to facilitate impact of incidents on the components.

Self-Service Dashboards

Provides charts, graphs, data grids, and reports with drill down capabilities that can be configured at enterprise, department, and user profile levels. Dashboards and reports can be named, shared, saved, and reused as required.

Alerts Integrated into
Dashboard and Agent Screens

Provides a single pane of glass to agents for correlating call / ticket with event and notifying users proactively, providing a front-end-message using call greeting software to alert callers on the issue.

Survey Management

Permits agents to define the criteria for attending calls, send survey forms to end users, collect feedback on quality parameters, calculate satisfaction metrics based on survey results, and create dashboards.

Mobile Application for
Support Staff and End Users

Provides information about tickets and details required to fix them, permits agents to close the tickets after fixing them, and route the tickets to other agents with appropriate notes.

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