Despite all predictions that physical books are obsolete, libraries continue to collect and preserve all sorts of physical items: books, papers, films, even artifacts. With changing needs on campus, stack space continues to decrease. Many libraries are finding high-density storage facilities with quick delivery to campus alleviate the space crunch and still provide timely service.

HTC’s SoteriaAMS is the ideal Library Asset Management Solution that can take care of the complete requirements of high-density library storage facilities / warehouses, from absolute identification of the item to integration with on-campus discovery systems and ILS. SoteriaAMS is a product of HTC’s extensive technical and library expertise. One instance of SoteriaAMS can support multiple warehouses and multiple storage systems. Each instance of SoteriaAMS is customizable to meet the exact requirements of any library.

SoteriaAMS is based on an open source platform. This makes it a highly customizable, flexible, and affordable. Its user-friendly UI allows even naive users without any prior experience to customize to suit their needs.

SoteriaAMS’s APIs allow real-time integration with campus management, Library ILS systems, discovery services, courier services, and Google books.

SoteriaAMS is a highly innovative, affordable, and customizable cloud-based solution for the digital age that meets your library’s unique high-density storage requirements.

Salient features:

  • Supports a wide range of browsers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • Supports wireless connectivity – hosted on the cloud
  • Database replication – easy and quick search, ensures no lost item
  • Easy to migrate from any old platform
  • Supports all barcode systems and readers

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