Raise the Bar on SAP AMS

From keeping the lights on to driving innovation and growth

SAP Application Management Service (AMS) aims at going beyond keeping the lights on. Its key focus is on maintaining, enhancing, and managing all the functional and technical areas of the SAP application. It enables you to get more from SAP and maximize your ROI by improving business processes, agility, innovation, and digital experience. Additionally, SAP AMS permits you to meet the emerging challenges and changing business requirements while also helping you achieve operational excellence.

In this on-demand webinar, our experts provide deep insights into how SAP AMS can effectively drive innovation and transformation, support your business initiatives, increase your ROI from SAP, and improve business outcomes.
You will also get an opportunity to hear from the CIO of one of the fastest-growing healthcare product companies in the USA on how they achieved operational excellence with HTC’s SAP AMS.

The key learning points of this webinar:

  • How to get the maximum value out of your SAP investments
  • How to rebuild and rebound for the future by enhancing digital experience
  • How to innovate and drive process excellence while managing SAP globally
  • Why a right-sized and right-shored delivery model matters more than ever for application support
  • From legacy to new applications, how to manage them better with predictable support cost and a one-stop global partner

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