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For businesses, Digital Transformation necessity is clear and convincing. Its now how you take it forward by steering through the huge complexities of transforming existing processes, and exploiting emerging digital technologies to create a robust new digital business model. And, in the midst of it, delivering compelling experiences to all the stakeholders – from customers, employees to partners is a priority that needs top end, immediate focus.

HTC’s Digital Transformation Practice can help you.

We have the methods, tools and wisdom gained through varied global experiences involving big to small organizations, trying to help them evolve, adapt and digitally transform. However, we are also aware that what was applicable to them may not be for you, as your market, people, processes and portfolio are different. The real difference we make here is through designing and delivering a well-tailored solution that’s something unique as your organization’s DNA.

We can set the pace by undertaking a thorough analysis of your existing legacy, business process, models and infrastructure to establish where these can be improved by the effective application of technology – or even jettisoned if necessary.

Once you are ready for change, we then build your digital transformation capabilities keeping your data, business processes, and infrastructure at the core. Progressively, we identify areas to integrate cognitive and automation technologies such as IoT, RPA, AI and Machine Learning and deploy agile process services to scale and modernize your operations. In the process, you gain ability to:

  • Innovate, explore new markets and focus on additional revenue streams
  • Deliver hyper-personalized digital experiences throughout the engagement cycle – for your customers, employees and partners
  • Harness data opportunities- Make informed decisions and stay ahead

We can deliver all of these services on an incremental basis, as per your needs. We understand that this is a journey and you can count on us, as your digital partner for the long-haul.

Application Modernization

From assessment, identification, migration to rehosting, refactoring, reengineering and replacing, we can modernize your legacy application and ensure that they are effective, agile and portable across your desired digital technology and/or platforms.

Agile Transformation

Take Agile to the next level; our hybrid Agile Model is based on best practices from key agile methodologies from Scrum, Lean and Extreme programming. We also leverage DevOps to gain velocity and bring greater efficiencies across your development and operation phases.

Cloud Services

Go cloud to digitally transform as it addresses the scale, speed and massive infrastructure requirements including compute power, storage and other associated capabilities and we have been helping many clients harness the full power of cloud in their digital transformation journey.

Business Transformation Office

With several years of enterprise application development and project management experience, we at HTC, have developed a proven approach to successful client engagements. We ensure milestone based, smooth implementation that helps you confidently and effectively scale your digital transformation initiatives.

Emerging Digital Technologies

Take advantage of emerging newer technologies such as RPA, AI, IoT, Mobility, Machine Intelligence and Blockchain to improve the ways you can compete in your markets and serve your customers. We can help you explore, choose and integrate these technologies seamlessly into your business and technology platforms to further accelerate your digital transformation.

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