Innovative IT solutions for improved business performance


Digital technologies impose tremendous transformation. Adopting digital sustains this transformative phase, improves operational efficiency, competitiveness, and profitability by increasing productivity, accelerating innovation, and delivering greater value.

HTC future equips manufacturers by offering innovative, customized, and cost-effective IT services and solutions to empower manufacturers meet emerging challenges, accelerate productivity and profitability, and support their transformation journey. Our IT offerings optimize IT infrastructure, improve agility and efficiency, reduce costs, optimize production and scheduling, improve supply chain, permit innovation and building better products, enter new markets, enhance brand image, improve sales processes, optimize incentive and pricing management, and build enduring customer relationships and loyalty.

Application Services

Increase operational efficiency, profitability, unearth business benefits, increase ROI, and build long term customer relationships

Testing Services

End-to-end testing services to improve the quality and performance of products that ensures faster time to market and reduces cost

Data Management and Analytics

Create central repository for data, analyze data, and use insights at all levels to increase customer base

Enterprise Resource Planning

Improve business processes, enhance collaboration, maximize efficiency and flexibility, and increase competitive advantage


Manage the connections to people, vehicles, and information from anywhere to stay profitable and competitive

Enterprise Content Management

Simplify, secure, store, and efficiently manage content from creation to archival

IT Infrastructure Management

Leverage latest technologies, automate, optimize and virtualize, IT infrastructure without compromising on security or continuity of services

Business Process Outsourcing

Maximize performance and achieve business goals utilizing emerging skills and technologies and reduced operational costs with flexible operating models


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