Unified Cloud Data Platform

Transform end-to-end data lifecycle with a hybrid cloud strategy

Harness the power of data with rapid migration to cloud

In the absence of an integrated, long-term approach, many organizations are struggling to realize the full value of their cloud implementations across their data landscape. They need to deploy data platforms that can help them scale quickly, seamlessly, and without any risk.

Unified Cloud Data Platform (UCDP) offers a cloud vendor-agnostic reference architecture and a set of services that enable rapid data migration to the cloud and quick processing of data for analytics and BI. We cover the entire data lifecycle including data sourcing, migration, storage (data lake), analytics, governance, and security. Our experience in creating and migrating on-prem data systems to the cloud for large enterprises, along with our accelerators and tools, enables us to provide a comprehensive solution to our clients.

Our dedicated frameworks and toolset streamline your cloud migration journey

Data Migration Framework

Data Migration Framework

A cloud vendor-agnostic framework for migrating large volumes of data and further processing them using PySpark data engineering framework.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Domain-specific library of algorithms that extract insights from migrated data.

AI/ML Toolset

AI/ML Toolset

A variety of ML algorithms that are implemented by leveraging cloud services for use cases such as recommendation engine, customer lifetime value, NLP, text analytics, and much more.

Self-Service BI Framework

Self-Service BI Framework

A framework for an embeddable BI solution to enable ad-hoc reporting and visualizations.

We Help You Enhance Scalability, Drive Efficiency, And Accelerate Decision Making
Build Data Insights Tailored To Your Business

Improved decision-making and better business outcomes by leveraging our AI/ML frameworks

Access Real-time Analytics

End-to-end capabilities from data migration and real-time data ingestion to advanced AI-based analytics

Enhance Scale And Agility

Ability to scale infinitely as per changing data needs and enable near real-time data processing for meaningful analytics

Improve Operational Efficiency

Higher cost savings – 40-60% when compared with on-prem systems and monolithic tools

Accelerate And De-risk Your Cloud Migration

Better data quality and compliance by leveraging automated data validation and controls

Unified Cloud Data Platform
Transform End-to-end Data Lifecycle With A Hybrid Cloud Strategy
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An Integrated And Secure Data Foundation On Cloud For Actionable And Real-Time Business Insights

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