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Among the biggest differences between successful companies and the rest is how they harness the power of Data and AI to derive valuable insights that help them become future-ready.

Experience HTC’s Data Services to experience this difference. We help global digital businesses not just gain control of their existing data environments but renew focus, devise futuristic data strategies powered by AI, and set the stage where data literacy, trust, governance, and data-driven decisions become pervasive.Our data and insights services, delivered with industry-specific expertise and processes, help you achieve breakthrough results in this new age of information.

Partner with us to transform into a data-driven digital organization – today.

Our offerings

Explore our range of Data and AI capabilities that are designed to help you discover new possibilities to accelerate your success and growth.

Data is the new currency. Talk to us to convert your at-rest data into valuable insights that can be used externally or internally to generate revenue.

Powered by agile development, we employ proven DataOps tools and frameworks in cloud-native architectures and help your data organization achieve high levels of productivity and quality.

Modernize your data environment – fast and secure. Explore our cloud-based data services that leverage HTC’s pre-engineered platform components, AI//ML-powered accelerators, and real-world experiences of skilled data experts.

Find the best ways to deal with bad data. We give relentless attention to cleansing, conforming, and clarifying data so that the information outputs can be trusted and leveraged confidently.

We analyze your information landscape for security risks, propose mitigations, and implement controls. We also help you understand your compliance risks and tell you what to do about them.

Our Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Analytics solutions provide you with timely, accurate, and actionable information upon which you can make informed and intelligent decisions.

Enable rapid innovation like never before with our expertise in leveraging AI, Machine Learning (ML), and Data Science technologies.

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