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Communications, Media And Entertainment

Transform to Rediscover Audiences and Growth Opportunities

Staying relevant to customers is critical in this hyper-connected and digital-first world. More so for the communication, media, and entertainment (CME) enterprises who are now expected to deliver a differentiated, highly- personalized, and multi-service frictionless consumer experience. The need of the hour is a holistic digital transformation, not just a sporadic initiative, powered by the right technologies and solutions to win audiences and market opportunities.

HTC has over two decades of experience in providing innovative, cost-effective, and customized IT services and solutions to global CME enterprises. Our innovative communications, media, and entertainment solutions help our customers simplify content management, make data-driven decisions, and deliver compelling consumer experiences that win their loyalty.

Our solutions

In this digital era, digital books, media, video games, streaming services, and the entertainment business are seeing new horizons as well as heightened competition. To capitalize on opportunities and, at the same time, stay ahead, you need to create fluid workflows and processes across your content value chain so that you deliver seamless, individualized experiences that help you not just thrive but win the hearts of your audience. Step up your game with our IT solutions for the media and entertainment industries. With our customized cloud-hosted content management solutions, you can simplify accessing, storing, retrieving, and sharing rich content via diverse devices and platforms.

Enterprise Content / Document Management System

Customized and cost-effective ECM services and solutions using IBM FileNet, MarkLogic, SharePoint, and Open Source software

Workflow and Business Process

Solutions to help clients adapt to digital disruption with appropriate workflow and business process management capabilities

Content Aggregation / Categorization

Greater consistency, relevance, and marketability for content by collating several reliable resources for a specific topic

Search Technologies

SEO techniques to help structure your content so that users can easily find the required information from your publications and gain insights

Content Conversion / Digitization Services / Document Conversion

Repurposing of your content by organizing and converting it to digital formats of your preference quickly, accurately, securely, and cost-effectively

Data Archiving and Preservation

Process design to help you decide the appropriate digital format based on how long you choose to store / retain the data, ensuring the trustworthiness of the chosen repository or archive

Our CRM services



HTC, a Cloud Alliance Consulting Partner of Salesforce, has 10+ years of experience in providing customized services for the Salesforce portfolio of products.

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HTC, a Microsoft Silver Partner, has extensive technical expertise in providing a wide range of services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 across domains.

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Our Services
Portal Development

Helps connect, engage, interact, and collaborate better with stakeholders by offering the best-in-class, cross-channel user experience with compelling functionality

Product And Platform Development

Accelerates the development of customized software solutions by applying our proven software product engineering services


Enables publishing of interactive digital content anytime, anywhere, over any network, to any device

Maintenance And Support

Confers measurable business value by reducing TCO and increasing ROI

Third-party Integration Services

Seamlessly integrates all key IT assets, enables them to work in sync with CRM, ERP, payment gateway, workflow, and other critical applications to provide an engaging, seamless, and unified experience for internal and external stakeholders

Mobility Services

Customized mobile applications to meet strategic mobile initiatives for reliable and effective sharing of digital content anywhere, anytime, and on any device

Our Services

Our Communication, Media, and Entertainment services leverage the latest trends and technologies, including automation, AI, ML, NLP, and immersive technologies, to help you transform the way you serve content and deliver experiences to the audience.

Our industry-leading partnerships, proven experiences working with some of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world, and technological prowess give us an added advantage in delivering the best-fit media and entertainment services and solutions for our clients.

Our ERP services


HTC, a long-standing SAP Partner, provides end-to-end SAP support services that help clients evolve at the pace of disruption, reduce risk, and maximize business returns from SAP.

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HTC, an Oracle Platinum Partner, Cloud Standard, has proven expertise in providing a broad range of services for on-premise and cloud-based Oracle applications.

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As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Cloud Standard, we have extensive experience in providing end-to-end services for PeopleSoft across industry verticals.

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