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Next-generation case management for prosecutors

Legal processes are complex and involve vast amounts of documentation. In the face of ever-increasing caseloads, Public Attorney agencies are forced to do more with fewer resources while managing the complexities of changing mandates, compliance, and other protocols.

HTC’s CMP NextGen is a new solution built using the next-generation born-in-the-cloud technologies. As a modern, easy-to-deploy, browser-independent, and comprehensive case management platform, CMP NextGen digitizes the end-to-end case management tasks and collaboration necessary for Criminal and Civil matters.

The CMP NextGen advantage

Here are the key features that make CMP NextGen the best technology platform for a legal firm:

  • My Cases Dashboard
  • Justice Agency sharing
  • Case 360 View
  • Charging Documents
  • Digital Evidence
  • Court Calendaring
  • Anytime, Anywhere Access
  • Motions
  • Citizen Portal
  • Subpoenas
  • Docket Management
  • Letters

CMP NextGen reduces a legal firm’s workload and simplifies complex and time-consuming processes:

  • Office collaboration
  • One click to case details
  • Saved searches
  • Referred, filed and adjudicated charging
  • Disposition and sentencing
  • Events and Recent Activity ribbons
  • Subpoena generation and service
  • Evidence management
  • Court, case, and participant events
  • Incident details
  • Investigative task management
  • Person, case, and family relationships
  • Advanced Copy Case Wizard
  • Attorney profiles
  • Participant contact logging
  • PTI and diversion
  • Docket creation and management
  • Restitution, fines and fees

How CMP NextGen makes life easier for legal firms

Cases, Events, Tasks, Assignments and Notifications provide everyone in the office, based on their role, a central place to act. Ensure timely completion of activities so nothing falls through the cracks.

Access from any device anywhere fully empowers attorneys and staff. Today, more than ever, seamless access to timely information from a geographically diverse workforce is critical to success.

Case Management powered by Next Generation BPM improves transactional efficiency among teams, and keeps cases on track. Also offers flexibility to change when regulations and mandates change.

CMP NextGen uses born-in-the-cloud technologies. As new services and components emerge in the Cloud, CMP NextGen easily inter-operates with them to extend the digital capabilities for your office.

Share information with police departments, courts, probation departments, and others to streamline workflow across agencies and ensure deadlines are met and public safety services are coordinated.

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