Cloud Hyper Automation Platform

Cloud Computing empowers organizations to set up their infrastructure quickly while ensuring high availability and scalability. However, the increasing adoption of hybrid and multi-cloud environments is leading to inconsistency and redundancy issues. Cloud and IT admins are finding it difficult to manually orchestrate, track, and scale applications and resources. In this environment, enterprises are facing multiple challenges related to managing hybrid cloud configuration and ensuring agility in their cloud implementation and rollouts.

Accelerate the provisioning and management of infrastructure resources

Accelerate the provisioning and management of infrastructure resources

Cloud Hyper Automation Platform is a cloud vendor-agnostic orchestration solution that enables automated provisioning using standard Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and Configuration Management tools. The platform allows clients to track their provisioning requests along with a centralized task monitoring dashboard and deployment audit logs for compliance. It also allows clients to integrate the platform with their existing ITSM tools, as a self-service request, to control the overall IT process.

Our dedicated frameworks and toolset streamline your cloud provisioning landscape

    A Cloud vendor-agnostic orchestration framework
  • In-Built Cloud Operations and Provisioning templates
  • Script onboarding by configuring the GitHub repositories
  • Single interface to manage Hybrid Cloud Automation with traceability and audit logs
    Hassle-free and easy integration layer
  • Open-source tools IaC (like Terraform) and Configuration Management tools (Ansible)
  • Existing ITSM tools via REST APIs (like Service Now, Fresh Services)
  • Multiple notification channels (like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Emails)

We help you deliver agility and speed with end-to-end automation

Higher process efficiency

  • Standardized automation platform for provisioning and configuration management
  • Minimizes error-prone processes
  • Reduces time consuming, repetitive, and manual efforts
  • Automated provisioning for multiple cloud providers

Cost savings

  • Lower direct costs to process large number of automation tasks
  • Application blueprints with Prebuilt Provisioning Templates
  • Enhanced availability and performance

We help you deliver agility and speed with end-to-end automation

Cloud Hyper Automation Platform
Enhance Consistency, Speed, And Scalability Of Your Diverse Cloud Environments
Cloud Hyper Automation Platform
Cloud Automation Done Right: A Platform-First Approach

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