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More players mean more competition. But with the right digital accelerators, you can win.

The new normal has posed a set of unique challenges for the financial sector, which has already been grappling with the conventional concerns about improving efficiency, reducing costs and meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. The emergence of competition from non-conventional participants such as BigTechs, fintechs, platform players, along with the arrival of neo-business models, has caused unprecedented disruption.

As a result, customer and stakeholder engagement and speed to market have come to the fore as the decisive factors. This terraformation, however, demands a change in the mindset of financial sector companies if they want to show resilience and follow the upward growth curve in this ever-evolving digital world.

HTC leverages its expertise in emerging and digital technologies such as cloud, data and analytics, AI & ML, and Blockchain to enable you to become a nimble, data-driven and smart organization driving deeper customer engagement across various channels.


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Our capabilities

Ensure the quality of your customers’ contact details to connect and serve them better by standardizing email addresses, contact addresses, and phone numbers.

Resolve non-obvious identities / relationships to discover people within a household, organization, or a locale, retrieve credit worthiness and demographic details, validate KYC, and perform watch-list filtering.

Simplify, streamline, and make GRC processes seamless by aligning risk and governance management with your strategic business goals by identifying risks and empowering well-informed decision-making.

Automate and streamline processes for generating accurate and timely regulatory reports with our scalable and flexible solutions, allowing you to meet future demands in the digital world.

Manage orders, streamline global trading requirements, and improve operational efficiency by automating processes to achieve straight-through processing.

Drive deeper customer engagement by providing connectors for integration of any core systems platform with SmartCOMM, enabling personalized customer communication with HTC’s plug-n-play solution.

Register your FNOL (First Notification of Loss) quickly with minimal effort and even with limited information with our AI-driven, cloud-ready solution that can be deployed within a few days.

Automate the process of reviewing extensive XML data with minimal customizations and maximum accuracy with HTC’s plug-n-play solution that supports various ACORD XML structures.

Reduce errors, ensure faster processing and minimize manual intervention by accurately and effectively comparing business critical documents with HTC’s AI-driven solution.

Speed up your Guidewire projects with our array of prebuilt accelerators spanning configuration and integration; application support and migrations; document management forms and conversions; data warehouse and BI analytics; and development and test environment setup.

Our Services

Digital transformation

Leverage innovative digital technologies of cloud, AI, ML, Blockchain, RPA, IOT, mobility, and analytics to increase accessibility and deliver superlative and consistent omni-channel experience to customers.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Create innovative data collection methodologies and gain actionable insights from your data to drive deeper customer engagement and achieve desired business outcomes.

Cloud and DevOps

Achieve improved speed to market with our cloud and devops offering and innovate, transform and stay relevant in the new digital world with a competitive edge.

Legacy managed services

Get your legacy systems a fresh lease of life. Stay agile, competitive and ahead of the pack by getting the maximum out of your past investments.

Quality Assurance and Testing

Launch products and business initiatives in the new digital world quickly, cost effectively and with confidence with our end-to-end testing services.

Enterprise Content Management/ Business Process Management

Build unique and resilient business processes, respond to changing market dynamics and make informed decisions with effective content management.

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