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Turn disruptions into advantages. Become a healthcare leader.

The sweeping changes brought about by the new normal can be experienced most acutely in the healthcare industry. Enterprises that are able to seize the moment and digitize, orchestrate, and deliver hyper-personalized consumer healthcare experience across entities, devices, and channels will be the healthcare leaders of the future. Getting there requires a flexible, modern, intelligent healthcare IT environment- managed and supported round the clock and efficiently.

Partner with us. Our range of healthcare offerings enables the care continuum to fundamentally improve care delivery and consumer experiences – digital or physical.

From building core systems leveraging cloud, data, and other modern digital platforms; modernizing legacy; reimagining clinical workflows powered by AI, ML, and automation to delivering top-of-the-line support to patients and physicians – we have the experience, infrastructure, and skilled resources.

Improve patient experience and member engagement

We help you strengthen your front, middle, and back-end support systems and redesign them to nurture strong relationships and enhance customer experiences at every step.

Turn your website and intranets into a high-performing, interactive destination with our feature-rich and award-winning CMS platform. Deliver contextualized content, seamless interaction, and ultimate experience
for users.

With 1,000+ successful Sitecore projects that include 7,000+ component implementations, our experienced teams will architect, host, monitor, and maintain your Sitecore solutions effectively and within your budget.

Make telehealth an integral part of your mainstream patient care. Leverage our host of telehealth-based services and solutions to reimagine patient experience and clinical coordination.

Get clinicians back to work fast with industry-leading 24/7/365 customer service from support analysts trained in all major hospitals’ clinical and business information systems.

Leverage our support services and helplines to effectively set up and deliver patient monitoring devices while providing digital and health literacy to drive patient engagement.

Why put reputation and patient satisfaction at risk when you have our Patient Helpline services that let your patients embrace the next level of IT help?

Improve care and reduce cost of care

Unlock the power of healthcare data. Bring your clinical, claims and other relevant data together, analyze it to derive insights that empower you to improve medical outcomes, reduce the cost of care while protecting the security and privacy of the data.

Irrespective of the HMS solutions, deploy our care and claims data analytics solution that provides deeper insights into patient management, insurance, claims and accounts by physicians, procedures, and time.

Effectively detect and remediate fraud, waste, and abuse. We combine predictive modeling, ML, advanced analytics, and data mining technologies to offer you a tailored solution that protects you from irregularities and potentially fraudulent transactions.

Improve the quality of care and ensure fewer readmissions by designing effective post-discharge care programs with our AI/ML-powered Readmission Analytics and Post Discharge Care Apps.

Create and refine effective Marketing and Awareness Programs, for both physicians and patients, powered by our Referral Analytics based on your EMRs and archival data, as well as HTC’s Digital Experience and CMS capabilities.

Enhance efficiency and cost takeout initiatives

Transform your IT organization into innovation hubs. Leverage our exclusive healthcare solutions, HIPAA-compliant data center services, virtual care and ambulatory services to transform operations, accelerate productivity, and optimize costs. Above all, deliver more individualized services to healthcare consumers.


Start your healthcare document management and data archival fast with a software solution that’s already up and running. We’ll set up your customized database and host all your documents in our secure, compliant data centers.

Data center consolidation and infrastructure support

Optimize your technology foundation with our reliable and compliant infra support services to efficiently run your clinical operations, focus more on improving care/experience outcomes, and minimize costs.

Private cloud hosting and managed services

Store your hospital’s critical data safe in our private, HIPAA-compliant, and SSAE-16 SOC 2 audited hospital data centers. Leverage our skilled resources to keep your virtual server updated, managed, and protected 24/7.

Clinical services

From rapidly standing up your command centers to providing 24/7, 365 days clinical service desks and helplines to support your clinical and patient engagement initiatives, we have got you covered.

EPIC and Cerner implementation, migration and upgrades

Make the most out of your EHR. Partner with us to reimagine your care delivery with our end-to-end EHR services for leading platforms including EPIC and Cerner.

Migration to public cloud

As you choose cloud to modernize your healthcare IT environment, we show you how this can this be done securely and without causing disruption to patients and your physicians. Explore our public cloud migration services and leave your modernization worries to us.


Make telehealth an integral part of your mainstream patient care. Leverage our host of telehealth-based services and solutions to reimagine patient experience and clinical coordination.

Data and ETL automation

Start implementing EDI at scale with our 24/7, HIPAA-complaint managed service. Eyes on glass, we effectively monitor, analyse and report on your EDI processes, eliminating costly downtime and recurrence.

AI-led OCR and document digitization

Accelerate the pace of becoming an intelligent digital healthcare enterprise. Explore our AI-led OCR and document digitization services to modernize your business-critical processes and bring agility to care delivery.

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