A Michigan-Based Healthcare Provider Trusts HTC For Its Meditech Hosting Needs

Meditech Hosting

Ensures that its mission-critical applications are "Always on, Always Available, and Always Secure."


A Michigan-based acute care hospital has aimed to serve the needs of the region since its inception. Due to their longstanding commitment to quality patient care, they sought to implement the latest and best technologies, including MEDITECH’s EHR solution. However, the hospital lacked the hardware, personnel, and network infrastructure required to successfully stand up MEDITECH on its own.

The MEDITECH EHR solution is a mission-critical application that is central to delivering patient care and under no circumstances could its availability be put at risk. Adding the implementation and operation of such a complex system on top of the day-to-day operations and maintenance of their existing technologies was asking too much of the hospital’s already overburdened IT Staff.

They also wanted to deploy an IT operations model that minimized downtime, restored lost data flexibly, and enabled recovery time in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks.


The hospital wanted to avoid investing millions of dollars in setting up an on-premise infrastructure needed to support their MEDITECH EHR by leveraging the efficiency of a cloud-hosting environment. The hospital initiated a search for a cloud-hosting partner who understood healthcare, could specifically provide hosting support for their MEDITECH EHR, and offered top-of-the-line data center facilities, monitoring and management tools, and ITIL-based process disciplines.

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