Accelerate software development, reduce time-to-market

Agile adoption accelerates software development by swiftly accommodating changes, reducing costs and time-to-market, and enhancing quality. Combining agile and emerging technologies will accelerate your software competency and close the gaps between your IT systems and the evolving technology and business trends.

Agile transformation is comprehensive and iterative and is an important cog in the wheel of business transformation as it involves changing deep-rooted cultural patterns and processes. Although agile is becoming the driving force and de facto standard for software development, several organizations are at crossroads while choosing the adoption path. The organization’s culture and outlook are critical to its success. The right agile consulting services partner can help you address the challenges in choosing the adoption path and deliver projects efficiently.

Simplify your agile journey with HTC

HTC helps clients to start their agile transformation journey, drive transformation, evolve continuously, and meet their business objectives. We focus on organizational cultural change and engineering excellence with customized role-based training for teams. We guide you through every step of the transformation to overcome challenges by identifying your critical business objectives, and aligning agile principles to your roadmap.

HTC combines ‘agile’ with ‘lean’ by bringing synergy across the three key aspects – people, process, and technology. We help you to take agile to the next level with wider and seamless adoption to deliver greater business value. Our Agile transformation services include:

Assess agile readiness, plan for agile transformations, and launch pilot projects

Agile executive workshop, Agile leader bootcamp, and Agile academy for teams

Our coaches help you to adopt and improve Agile methods and practices, and reinforce best practices to provide additional velocity

We can provide human resources to meet your short and long-term staffing needs for enabling your smooth transition

Our Partners

Our transformation process includes:

  • Transformation strategy planning
  • Agility assessments
  • Change management
  • Training workshops
  • Targeted coaching
  • Transformation progress with reverse knowledge transfer

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