Why low code/no code?

The IT systems developed so far have been through two sources – in-house efforts and external IT consultants/ service providers/ vendors. We now have a third alternative that has become popular over the last few years. This is the ‘Low Code/No Code’ approach.

Low-code/no-code development platforms are visual software development environments.A low-code/no-code platform permits software professionals and business users to drag and drop the required application components, connect them, and create custom mobile or web apps without writing codes and with minimal involvement of the IT department. This is at least three times faster than manual coding and at a third of the cost.

Why should you adopt low code/no code?

    • Low-code/no-code improves time-to-market, productivity, and business agility. It saves time and money by avoiding vendor lock-in and costly customizations required by off-the-shelf solutions. Although the low-code/no-code movement is at a nascent stage, it can profoundly influence digital enablement, help you achieve your digital goals, accelerate digital transformation across the organization, and enhance business agility.
Why should you adopt low code/no code?
Our low code/no code services

Our low code/no code services

HTC has strong partnerships with several low code development platform companies and provides a wide range of low code services, such as low code consulting, low code applications development and rollouts, upgrades, integrations, functional validations, and application support and management services.

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