Why site reliability engineering?

Site reliability engineering (SRE) is the method of applying software engineering strategies to IT operations to create a bridge between development and operations. The SRE team uses software and automation to manage production systems and solve problems. The goal of SRE is to create and support scalable and highly reliable software systems by ensuring resilience and business continuity without human intervention.

Our SRE services

HTC’s SRE services include:

The rapid increase in services delivered from cloud requires reliability of cloud services irrespective of varying loads and peak conditions. We transform cloud service processes by monitoring and correcting it with 100% agility, testing it for fault resilience, process accuracy, and scalability. Our cloud reliability services include monitoring, performance evaluation, and creating blueprints for release, configuration, and performance engineering.

This includes servers and applications whose critical requirements are high uptime, predictability, availability, and reliability. We improve support quality and anticipate incidents to ensure the highest standards of dependability.

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