End-to-end grants management solution, since 2005

Managing a grant lifecycle can be tedious, time-consuming, and also stressful, given the frequent changes in requirements and regulations. But a comprehensive and easy-to-use solution can make the task of grants management lighter. HTC’s EGrAMS (Electronic Grants Administration and Management System) is just that solution. It is a web-based, enterprise- grade, end-to-end grants administration, and management solution that handles all phases of the grants lifecycle for grantors, with powerful reporting facility for grantees.

Drive better outcomes with EGrAMS

EGrAMS improves transparency and accountability by tracking performance in real-time and automatically sending notifications and alerts. Grantors can set up review criteria, scoring rubrics, collaborate and review for consensus, generate rank lists, and funding recommendations.

EGrAMS enables grantors to take charge of the entire grants lifecycle and improve outcomes. On an average, more than USD 150 billion goes out as inappropriate payments or payments for unrelated expenses every year. EGrAMS can help you reduce such large volumes of inappropriate payments or payments for unrelated expenses.

A single instance of EGrAMS can support several departments, agencies, chapters, or offices.


Years experience in providing grants management solution


Reduction in average error rate


Domain Experts


Manages 250+ Health and Human Services Programs in the United States


Mangees grants in 5 state aganecies in the US and Canada


Manages 300+ Public Safety Programs in the Unites States

$1.8 B

Manages US $1.8 billion
in grants funding




Reduction in grants processing cycle lead-time

What can EGrAMS do for you?

For starters, it can fast-track all your grants management processes. EGrAMS reduces
paperwork (by up to 1,500 pages for every grant application), eliminates manual and redundant
processes, and can free your employees to focus on tasks that are more important. Its exhaustive
configuration features permit users to implement new grant programs without help from IT personnel.

Why choose EGrAMS?

  • Extensible architecture
  • Available as on-premise or cloud-based SaaS solution
  • Highly scalable, interoperable, portable across platforms and operating systems
  • Digitizes and automates all grants management tasks
  • Option to collaborate and review for consensus, and generate rank lists and funding recommendations
  • Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership, with the ability to configure several grant
    programs in a single instance
  • Proven track record with implementations in several agencies in the US and Canada

Where flexibility is the key

  • Quick to implement
  • Easy to configure business rules and workflows without the need to custom code anything or support from IT personnel
  • Users can create their own applications using an easy-to-use form builder
  • Provides automated reminders for everyday tasks and reporting compliance deadlines
  • Supports on-line enquiry of grant application status
  • Automated internal controls via security administration
  • Powerful reporting and administrative features for grantors, grantees, and
  • Real-time insightful dashboards
  • Assists with fraud control

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