Enabling customers, mentoring teams, and leading the way for a better shared world

Madhava Reddy

CEO and Founder

Nitesh Bansal

President and Chief Operating Officer

Vinod Eswaran

Global Chief Financial Officer

Chary Mudumby

Chief Technology Officer

Vani Prasad

Executive Vice President – Insurance, Banking and Financial Services

Vikas Bhutada

Executive Vice President – Automotive & Manufacturing

James Joseph

Executive Vice President Public Sector

Vicki Hickman

Executive Vice President, Business Unit Lead.

Pankaj Kumar

Executive Vice President, Healthcare

Prasanna Gunjikar

Senior Vice President – Health and Insurance

Srikara Chamrajnagar

Senior Vice President and Practice Head Cloud and Infrastructure Services

George Surdu

Chief Strategy Officer

Hemant Bhardwaj

Chief Marketing Officer

Gunasekaran Nadar

Head of Transformation Office

Sally Besonen

Vice President, Global Talent Demand and Fulfillment

Paul Kemp

General Counsel