Intelligent Document Processing Solutions for Your Semi & Unstructured Documents

Organizations have to rely heavily on documents in large volumes and diverse formats. What is challenging are the semi and unstructured documents, being paper-based and digital. The template-based conventional data extraction techniques such as OCR fail to process such documents with speed and precision. These require manual validation as it is an error process, hence time-consuming. Further, the data quality becomes low while increasing the overall processing costs.

Why use the intelligent processing solution?

intelligent Document Processing (iDP) is a cloud-based platform that leverages the power of AI and smart automation to process all document types efficiently and effectively. The platform covers the entire data extraction lifecycle, including pre-processing, indexing and classification, scanning and extraction, data validation, and content management. iDP improves the productivity of downstream applications, thereby enabling them to generate insights faster.

New opportunities can be handled without adding more staff as it workflows with valuable data, improves compliance transparency, power-up automated, and achieve faster ROI. Process your unstructured manual documents using the intelligent processing solution and deliver high quality results.

Our dedicated modules and toolset streamline your document digitization journey

iDigitize and iPackage

iDigitize and iPackage

Scan directly to the cloud for quick access

Pre-process ­– Noise reduction, de-skewing

Automatic document classification

Full support for OCR, ICR and IMR



Data identification, ML rules and patterns

Tagging, NLP and AI/ ML/ deep learning

Data capture in multiple languages

Multi-engine, multi-pass data extraction



Business rules and data validation

Ability to search DB based on comments

Intuitive UI for validation, correction

Ability to release or hold a document



Integrate with downstream applications

Analytics and dashboard view of modules

Document and content management

Document archive and data transfer

We help you deliver accuracy, speed, and intelligence in your intelligent document processing lifecycle.

Higher operational efficiency

  • End-to-end automation of document processing lifecycle
  • Faster extraction with higher straight-through processing
  • Reduces manual effort to intervene, cross-check and validate

Lower direct cost of processing

  • Lower storage and document handling costs
  • Powerful AI workflows to handle wide range of documents
  • Continuous learning with option to add custom logic

User friendly and intuitive platform

  • Enhanced productivity of document-handling experts
  • Easy-to-use interface facilitating faster decision-making
  • Powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards

Improved data quality and accuracy

  • Better performance of downstream applications
  • Access to real-time and actionable insights
  • Higher data compliance and efficient business processes
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Intelligent Document Processing
Intelligent Document Processing: From Paper To Digital.

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