Opening The Digital Front Door In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is at the verge of a paradigm shift, given the rising trend of consumerization, focus on value-based care, and the ever-changing demands of its complex value chain. This transformation has invariably pushed healthcare providers to rethink every aspect of care delivery and redefine engagement. From making patient portals efficient to unifying disparate functional systems and optimizing the utilization of resources – there are many gaps to be filled in the healthcare continuum.

According to Gartner’s 2022 CIO Agenda: A Healthcare Provider’s Perspective1, the pandemic response and recovery induced a major delay in digital optimization and adoption of virtual care delivery. During this period, telehealth visits increased 63-folds2. The current state highlights that healthcare organizations are early in their journey to becoming composable enterprises and need to think fast and adapt to the market’s digital demands.

Digital Front Door offers seamless, rich, and omnichannel patient experiences that ultimately make a patient feel as if they’ve entered a round-the-clock holistic healthcare system.

Innovation at every stage

What the industry as a whole, needs today is a Digital Front Door/Digital Corridor experience for patients to feel as if they’ve entered a round-the-clock, well-organized healthcare system. Such digital innovation can offer seamless, rich, omnichannel patient experiences, access to information, easy-to-understand care process, and services that are personalized to the patient. Digital Front Door provides a holistic experience for patients, care providers, and agents across all phases of patient interactions and care delivery. It unifies services that are otherwise scattered across the healthcare value chain and helps engage with patients at every touchpoint in the most user-friendly ways.

Towards better care delivery

HTC Global Services leverages technology with out-of-the-box modules across web, mobile, helpline, live chats, social media, and more. With an omni-channel, cloud-based consumer engagement platform and integrated tools like STAYWELL, Healthgrades, Binary Fountain, API Healthcare, DocScores, and EHMR Systems, we have designed a Digital Front Door solution across a gamut of services – from first visit to post-care. This includes:

  • Context continuation from channel to channel
  • Personalized consumer engagement
  • Interconnected or interoperative apps and devices
  • Proactive healthcare management at all times
  • 250+ integrated care pathways
  • Anytime, anywhere access to information
  • IVR helpline
  • Out-of-the-box integration with EMRs like Cerner, Epic, Meditech, etc.

HTC’s Digital Front Door – An omnichannel, cloud-based consumer engagement platform

With the right Digital Front Door strategy, providers can create easy access points like online self-scheduling, automated reminders, and Point of Sales solutions, as well as go the extra mile towards:

HTC’s Digital Front Door

Address the gaps in care delivery continuum with a smart, unified platform

The whole backdrop of a Digital Front Door strategy is to think from a 360-degree perspective and implement technology keeping the patient at the front and center. As the concept of Digital Front Door evolves, we believe more technologies will underpin the care delivery ecosystem, translating into satisfied patients and productive providers. For providers, now is the time to think ahead and match pace with the ever-expanding market demands, by consolidating a core Digital Front Door strategy and unifying digital experiences seamlessly.



Prasanna Gunjikar

Prasanna Gunjikar

Senior Vice President and Practice Head – Health


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