Hybrid workplace becomes a reality as Microsoft Teams meets LinkedIn

The future of work

The hybrid workplace combines the best of in-office and remote work environment by permitting employees to work both at home and in the office. Right from the start of the pandemic, many organizations indicated their need to adopt hybrid workplace. Several organizations are investing in hybrid workplace while technology vendors have started building hybrid solutions. The most noteworthy in this is Microsoft for its innovation and issuing guidelines and insights on managing hybrid workforce. Microsoft Teams has emerged as the hybrid teams’ central destination for ensuring productivity, collaboration, and permitting integration with social media.

Microsoft Teams meets LinkedIn

Microsoft Teams – LinkedIn integration will enable chat participants to view the profiles of others in the social networking site, the quick and easy way. This will be rolled out starting March 2022 onwards and made available to global users subsequently.

If the person in the chat has a LinkedIn profile associated with the email/UPN, his/her public photo and other details will now be available as a tab in 1:1 conversation. Additionally, you can do a profile search by name (like Outlook) in the chat window.

However, if you choose to connect these accounts, it permits you to discover more about a person in any one-on-one chat in Teams. It helps you to find out what you have in common with them, see your level of connection, and connect on LinkedIn without leaving Teams. Although LinkedIn will import and store contacts, it will not send invites without the user’s permission.

How will this affect your organization? Once it is available, the new LinkedIn tab will appear at the top of the conversation in Teams alongside the existing tabs for Chat, Files, Organization, and Activity, and will work just like the contact card in Outlook.


Nishi Jadhav

Nishi Jadhav

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Microsoft Teams meets LinkedIn

You will continue to have the same controls as before the availability of the integration. This will make the experience available in more places for your members. Users will be able to see LinkedIn profiles of their colleagues in the 1:1 chat as a separate tab in the chat and not in the contact card. Initially, this will be limited to contacts within the tenant, but as the contact card updates are released, this will be available for all contacts within and outside the tenant.

This requires your tenant to have the admin setting for LinkedIn integration turned on, which will be enabled by default. If the person you are chatting to has a LinkedIn profile associated with the email/UPN, their public photo and other details will now be available as a tab in the 1:1 conversation, else it will do a search by name (like Outlook), and then display their public photo and other details .

LinkedIn public profiles usually provide the simplified version of the person’s LinkedIn profile (name, where they work, job title, profile picture, bio, and recent posts). An individual can configure/customize his/her LinkedIn public profile that is to be displayed on public search engines.

The Way Forward

Despite the call to return to office in some capacity, the hybrid workplace is here to stay due to its flexibility and appeal to employees and employers. Its other key advantages include increased productivity and employee satisfaction, more opportunities for continuous learning, improved collaboration and work relationships, and better work life balance due to improved outcomes for employees’ mental health.

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