Present Better And Confidently With Speaker Coach In Microsoft Teams

Make impactful presentations and connect better with your audience enabled by Microsoft Teams’ Speaker Coach.

Enhance your narrative and sharpen your conversational skills in the hybrid work era

Hybrid work is here to stay, and many organizations are striving to find the right balance between work from office and home plans for their employees. Working remotely does not mean working in isolation anymore. Although you work from your home, you will still be a part of your team, which means working with colleagues on projects and tasks. With the hybrid workplace model, collaboration can be a bit more challenging.

Communication and collaboration skills go hand in hand

Communication plays a huge role in successful collaboration. Finding the right balance of video meetings, phone calls, and messaging will ensure conveying the required communication. Therefore, to perform better in a hybrid work environment all employees need to focus on developing their communication skills. The key communication skills include:

  • Clear-cut written communication
  • Making powerful presentations
  • Unambiguous discussion skills for ensuring convincing and impactful conversations

These are the basic requirements that help you convey your ideas convincingly and have better engagement with your audience, improve collaboration, productivity, and efficiency.

Speaker Coach in Microsoft Teams

Speaker Coach is an expansion of the PowerPoint’s Presenter Coach to Microsoft Teams. It is a powerful, artificial intelligence-based solution, which can help people improve their presentations as its AI has been trained to know what a good presentation looks and sounds like.

Speaker coach is all the more relevant in the hybrid work era. Making a great presentation or speech on camera can be even more challenging than an in-person presentation in many ways. It has added technical concerns and constraints along with being hybrid. This induces more pressure of wanting to do a good job in front of your audience.

Speaker Coach can help you communicate convincingly and make better presentations

Speaker coach will act as your private and personalized coach to help you bring your confident self into every meeting. When you turn on speaker coach in a meeting, the experience will privately assist you by highlighting the moments. It will offer Teams users’ tips, such as:

  • Taking a breath when they speak too quickly
  • Identify the moments the user accidentally speaks at the same time as someone else
  • Offer a view of the data after a meeting with a private report of the moments that speaker coach captured
  • This will help the user reflect on the findings and improve for the next meeting

Speaker coach has been designed for anyone in the meeting and not just for the presenter as many people may have a speaking role during the meetings. Even if you just say a couple of sentences, speaker coach will be there for you privately, to empower you, and give you greater confidence. You can run the speaker coach feature while you are actively participating in a meeting. It can indicate when you are speaking too quickly and need to pause for a moment. Additionally, it can help you identify who else was speaking if you both start at the same time (a normal problem in almost all meetings). At the end of the meeting, you will receive a private, personalized report to help you improve your performance in the future.

Getting Started With Speaker Coach

You can easily use Speaker Coach in both PowerPoint and Teams. In just a few clicks, you can start getting personalized, simple, and actionable feedback that can be immensely valuable but hard to find under normal circumstances.

Advantages of using Speaker Coach

  • Personalized feedback
  • Provides tips based on extensive training data
  • Real-time recommendations that help you adjust based on your current actions


Nishi Jadhav

Nishi Jadhav

Associate Director, Cloud and Infra Practice


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