Drive your telehealth capabilities to the next level

The increase in adoption of telehealth has led to a lot of changes in policy and implementation, helping accelerate growth and expand footprints. The tools and guidelines that are being created now will be shaping the future of the practice.

Thanks to telehealth services, patients can now access leading-edge services within their existing medical setups. Several clinicians have indicated that they are interested in continuing to use telehealth for chronic care management.CareTech’s Content Management Services provide interactive experience utilizing third-party tools and management architectures to reinforce patient engagement.

Looking to kickstart your Telehealth services?

Basic telehealth services technologies can be easily and quickly started, but need careful planning and implementation to mature as a fully integrated service in your delivery of patient care. Embracing collaborative telehealth technologies helps you not only tackle the challenging situations such as the recent pandemic, but also advance care delivery for the digital future. However, to fully incorporate telehealth and achieve the desired results, you need to:

  • Establish a consumer-driven telehealth strategy incorporating service delivery, clinical goals, and technology
  • Understand cybersecurity and regulatory compliance needs
  • Build a robust telehealth platform leveraging commercial services, infrastructure, and operations

Features of our Telehealth services

Our consultants can help you leverage telehealth technologies and reimagine patient experience and clinical coordination. Partner with us for your Telehealth requirements, and we will support you with:

Technical strategy and architecture planning

Establishing a practical roadmap and designing a secure, scalable, and highly available environment for your clinicians and patients. Choosing the right technology and approach for the unique needs of the individual specialties
of hospitals and primary care.

Cybersecurity and risk management

Addressing the regulatory and technical risks inherent in delivering virtual care.

Network design and configuration

Developing infrastructure with appropriate bandwidth and performance to support high-definition audio and videos.

Field deployment

Rapidly expanding your provider network with a dedicated team of implementation specialists.

Remote patient monitoring solutions

Packaging, deploying and providing data sync for 24*7 support services.

Asset tracking, end-point configuration, and logistics

Ensuring equipment is configured accurately, shipped, and tracked against grants.

Patient preparation calls

Supporting patient assistance prior to a telehealth encounter to ensure an effective and quality experience.

Telehealth clinical workflow support

Benefiting from a 24×7 clinical service desk specializing in supporting EMR, patient portal, and clinical workflows.

Technology monitoring and remote administration

Maintaining and administering telehealth infrastructure so you can focus on clinical outcomes.

EMR interface development

Incorporating encounter notes from external telehealth platforms into your patient records.

Web and mobile app development

Helping you drive patient adoption and brand recognition through developing your telehealth presence.

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