Guidewire On Cloud – The Big Shift For Insurers And How To Prepare For It

Guidewire On Cloud – The Big Shift For Insurers And How To Prepare For It

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Each deployment model has its own pros and cons; organizations must weigh these features against their business priorities by using a comparison chart like the one that we, at HTC, have curated.


The benefits of the cloud need no special introduction in the present day, more so in the insurance industry given the prevalence of proponents like Guidewire. With its comprehensive suite of solutions across policies, billing, and claims processing, Guidewire has been recognized for its true value-add in the insurance industry. That said, often, organizations find it overwhelming when it comes to understanding and adopting the right Guidewire deployment model that fits their business needs. This white paper explores the different implementation modes, including self-managed and managed Guidewire Cloud provisions, and the benefits reaped from these variations.


In the present business landscape, the importance of the cloud is well established, and the insurance industry has finally caught up with many leaders scaling adoption. Insurance CIOs and IT leaders, once reluctant, now see the tremendous potential that comes with cloud services. Its manifold benefits, such as cost savings, higher productivity, greater scalability, and enhanced security, all add up to the most important impact: business agility.

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