Maximize Value From PeopleSoft With HTC’s PeopleSoft Services

HTC, an Oracle Platinum Partner, Cloud Standard, has over 30 years of proven experience in providing end-to-end services for PeopleSoft across industry verticals – higher education, retail, banking and insurance, to name a few. Our PeopleSoft ERP services include consulting, implementation rollout, testing, integration, global consolidation, migration, integration with third-party systems, maintenance, comprehensive on-going support, and upgrade.

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Our PeopleSoft services

HTC provides a wide range of innovative and out-of-the-box PeopleSoft services in several functional and technical areas, delivering tangible business value with faster turnarounds. As a PeopleSoft implementation partner, we simplify, streamline, and ensure continuous improvement of your IT infrastructure. With us, improve your efficiency, agility, and relevance so that you can compete better, maximize your ROI, and accelerate your transformation.

HTC’s PeopleSoft Technical Services

Work with a PeopleSoft service provider with vast experience supporting PeopleSoft applications for several customers across the globe. Our PeopleSoft consultants hold deep expertise in implementing every PeopleSoft module and application and, in the process, have gained unrivaled technical expertise across all PeopleSoft offerings.

XML/BI Publisher

  • Template-based reporting solution that separates data extraction process from report layout and allows the reuse of extracted application data into multiple report layouts

Online Admissions Application (OAA)

  • Functional and flexible solution framework that modernizes the online admission processes by improving flexibility and cost efficiencies.

Data Conversion and Interface / Dashboards

  • Data Conversion – Converts all current data from various systems and subsystems into PeopleSoft with focus on flexibility, data integrity, regulatory requirements, and information processing and reporting needs
  • Interface/Dashboards – Provides real-time information about business operations to enable users to take appropriate actions based on that information

Fluid Design

  • Supports your mobile application strategy by designing and developing attractive, flexible, adaptive, and responsive applications for a variety of mobile devices

Component Interface and Application Engine

  • Component Interface (CI) – Provides synchronous access to related applications by enforcing encapsulation and limiting external access to what is made available through the CI
  • Application Engine – Helps to develop, test, and run the background SQL processing programs

Structured Query Reports and PeopleSoft Queries

  • Structured Query Reports (SQR) – Specialized language for database processing and reporting
  • PeopleSoft Query – End-user reporting tool to extract the precise information required from PeopleSoft database, without writing SQL statements

HTC’s PeopleSoft functional services

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Manages employee and human resource functions by permitting users to execute everyday human resources tasks and analyze employee and organizational data with analytics software

Financial Management

Manages the financial processes of the core accounting transactions

Enterprise Performance Management (EPM)

Manages every budget and phase of the management cycle to formulate strategies for profitable growth, align strategies with operational plans, and monitor day-to-day operations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Helps you to build a complete view of customers and their interactions, and deliver exceptional customer experiences– from acquisition to retention – and everything in between by creating, managing, serving, and nurturing lasting customer relationships

Enterprise Learning Management (ELM)

Integrated application that improves workforce knowledge, skills, and abilities by ensuring your employees acquire new proficiencies to meet your business objectives

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Cohesive and flexible solution for synchronizing supply chain, driving efficiencies in cost savings over the entire supply chain, including the plan-to-produce and order-to-cash business processes

PeopleSoft Campus Solution

Comprehensive student information system for institutions of higher education.

HTC’s PeopleSoft functional services

As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we help our clients get the most out of their PeopleSoft investments, be they in the cloud or on premise. Our PeopleSoft Consulting Services assist our clients in building a customized road map for their PeopleSoft initiatives. Once on board for PeopleSoft, our core PeopleSoft ERP services help them realize quick delivery and predicted outcomes for their initiatives, including implementation, migration, upgrades, and support of the PeopleSoft product and solution suite.

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