Ensure your IT Infrastructure is reliable, highly available, and meets your dynamic business needs


Your IT Infrastructure comprising the many devices, nodes, networks and layers of hardware and software assets, forms the life line of your organization. It is paramount that you keep it current, agile and cost effective.This needs constant and continual management, maintenance, upgrades and transformation, if necessary. However, if this is not your core of the business, and the ever-increasing IT landscape complexities, lack of skilled manpower, compliance, and digital needs add more pressure, seeking an expert for your IT Infrastructure Management is the best way forward.

We are that expert, and have been helping many of our global customers ensure that their IT Infrastructure remains reliable, highly available, and meets their dynamic business needs.

Today, HTC’s Center of Excellence for Infrastructure Management provides robust, cost effective, end-to-end, service-oriented IT Infrastructure Management services focusing on the configuration, capacity, and interoperability of your servers, storage units, and network devices. We manage and maintain the various operating systems for these critical devices, carry out necessary capacity planning and performance tuning activities, while ensuring end-to-end backup and recovery.

We leverage outcomes of our monitoring services and the periodic advanced technical consulting reports to identify, recommend and take preventative measures on a planned or scheduled basis. Our services include:

  • Server and OS Management
  • Storage Management
  • Network Management
  • Database Management
  • Facility Management and Field Services
  • Enterprise Backup and Restoration
  • Virtualization

By offering 24x7x365 support, flexible consumption options, comprehensive IT management based on ITIL best practices, and a seamless combination of onsite and remote expertise, our day-to-day operational delivery, management, and planning services remain best-in-class.

With HTC for Infrastructure Management, you can now:

  • Optimize IT assets utilization
  • Improve uptime and system availability
  • Accurately budget and control costs
  • Reduce the complexity of your IT environment
  • Leverage skilled experts to optimize IT operations
  • Remain agile and flexible
  • Innovate and embrace digital
Server and OS Management

We offer an end-to-end capacity planning, forecasting, virtualization, and 24×7 administration of your servers. This includes incident and problem management, performance monitoring and tuning, operating system upgrade, optimization of disk and processor usage and load balancing, and security and patch management for the operating system.

Storage Management

Our Managed Storage Services provide comprehensive management of your data storage operations for mission-critical workloads in accordance with your enterprise specific service level requirements. Leveraging ITIL standards and industry best practices you can avail the right storage solution — be it block, file, object or archive services — across a hybrid delivery model.

Network Management

Our Network Management services include management of LAN/WAN right from design, capacity planning, network element selection and configuration, performance monitoring, and reporting. Services also include assessment of security breach vulnerability, firewall and other network protocol implementation, and operational support.

Database Management

HTC’s end-to-end database management services include design, installation/upgrade, administration, performance management, capacity and patch management, server consolidation, troubleshooting and root cause analysis, back-up and recovery, reporting, and auditing. These services are aimed to increase accessibility and effective usability of your data.

Facility Management and Field Services

With the help of our mobile enabled technology, we help you get the most out of your facilities and field resources – be it assets or manpower. We can help you gain complete visibility and access to your entire field personnel, assets and tools so that you are aware and in control of the happenings, anytime and across all your facilities. This absolute awareness means you ensure the right resource, with the right tools, at the right time, is available at the right location.

Enterprise Backup and Restoration

HTC’s leading-edge Backup and Disaster Recovery Services assist customers in the backup of data to onsite/offsite and in the replication of virtual servers for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

Virtualization Services

From Storage, Server and Application Virtualization, HTC’s exclusive Virtualization Services include a range of services. You can specify the configuration you need for virtual RAM, CPU, bandwidth, SAS and SATA storage and get the most for your IT infrastructure needs, yet with lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Most importantly, you are not locked into rigid server configurations, and you can easily add, delete or modify server resources as your needs change.


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Organizations are forced to focus on optimizing their IT infrastructure and related operations to deliver high quality, secure, and enhanced service levels. The big challenge in this area is the huge investment – human and financial, as the cost of IT infrastructure management is increasing while the IT budget remains almost static. Outsourcing a part or the entire infrastructure management services would be one of the BEST solution to adopt for lowering the IT budget and excelling in business.

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