Enhance teaching and learning experience with digital enablement


Digitization is empowering better control over costs while improving teaching and learning outcomes as online education brings in disruptive changes in textbooks, classrooms, teaching, and learning methods.



Learning Management – Robust end-to-end solution to create, deliver, and report on students’ learning progress, which works across all devices and browsers


Student Information Management  – A complete student information management system designed to exchange information between students, parents, teachers, and the administration of a school or university


Library Management – Enables librarian to manage the entire library items details and track status of all books easily through the automated workflow


Assets Management – Simple, fast, and easy method of tracking library assets, which eliminates the expenses on replacement of lost assets


Finance and Accounting  – Integrate the library asset management and accounting information that details the financial status and availability of resources for utilizing them effectively


HRMS  – Enables you create and update information of every resource of your institution to increase productivity, accelerate performance, and lower your cost of ownership


Case Study

Streamlined Payroll Process
Streamlined Payroll Process
A leading research university streamlined their payroll process by maintaining a centralized repository for salary details, automating cost share calculation, and streamlining workflow of supplementary salary



University Professors have supplemental income for the research work and other special activities, which do not fall into the salary category of payroll. HTC offers a model to streamline workflow process possible for supplemental salary requests with less manual intervention. This solution has the advantage of handling multiple supplemental submission requests in a year. Quicker updates to supplemental salary request based on the funding agencies’ requirements is the unique value we at HTC offer.

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